Saturday, July 5, 2008

Qatar International 9-Ball Open Billiards Update!

2008 Qatar International 9-Ball Open GraphicBilliards friends, pool players, and fans, here is another update on the ongoing 2008 Qatar International 9-Ball Open billiards competition! It's Gulf Times once again! And I kid you not!

Two-time world champion Ralf Souquet, aka The Kaiser, entered the semi-finals of the 2008 Qatar International Open 9-ball Pool Championship after an 11-9 win over Filipino pool player Alex Pagulayan of Puyat Sports.

Shane Van Boening of the United States, Niels Feijen of the Netherlands, and Filipino pool player Dennis Orcollo also made it to the last four of the billiards event, which has $40,000 as the top prize.

Alex Pagulayan, aka The Lion, won the lag and looked destined for another win after both, he and Ralf Souquet cleared their respectively home racks.

“It was tough as everyone expected it to be,” said the German who had earlier beaten Darren Appleton of Great Britain by the same scoreline in the round of 16. “He won the lag so I had to take his home rack to have any chances of a win in the match. I was hoping for a chance and it came when he went for a bank shot and missed,” he recalled. “I missed a couple of chances for an early lead.” His first chance came in the fifth rack when Alex Pagulayan dropped his cue while pocketing 1 ball after a break. But Ralf Souquet missed the 7 ball to give the turn back to Pagulayan, who did not make a mistake this time to hold his home rack for a 3-2 lead.

Alex Pagulayan himself had a chance in the 8th rack but missed out on the 3 ball following a break. When the Filipino pool player took two consecutive home racks – 9 and 11th - on the breaks, it appeared for once he had all the luck needed to make it to the final four. However, it was not to be as he had a couple of dry breaks in the 15th and 17th.

Ralf Souquet was unlucky not have won the 15th as his shot on the 1 ball at the far pocket wobbled out and then committed a foul. Later Alex Pagulayan went for a 4/9 combination and missed. But The Kaiser remained calm and composed as ever and made no mistake from this lucky break. With the match leveled at 9-9, The Lion managed a soft break but missed a kick shot on the 1 ball. And The Kaiser cleared the table to go 10-9 up and won the next rack with ease to complete the win.

“I made a couple of mistakes which proved to be my undoing at the end,” said Alex Pagulayan. But he did not take away credit from Ralf Souquet, quickly adding, “Ralf played very well today and deserved to win.”

Alex Pagulayan was keen to come back next year. “I was touched by the wonderful support we’ve had from Filipino billiards fans during the tournament. And I’d definitely like to be back to play another tournament here and hopefully leave as a winner,” The Lion said.

Out of the total seven Filipino pool players who started the round of 16 yesterday, Dennis Orcollo (Bugsy Promotions), who defeated compatriot Ramil Gallego (Negros Billiards Stable) with 11-9 score in their quarter-finals match, is the only one carrying the hopes of the Philippines. Both Dennis Orcollo and Ramil Gallego made it to the last eight following victories over their compatriots. Dennis Orcollo beat Warren Kiamco (Negros Billiards Stable), while Gallego scored over Francisco Django Bustamante (Puyat Sports).

The other quarter-finals matches saw Shane Van Boening beat Germany’s Thomas Engert 11-9 to set up a semi-final clash with Niels Feijen who defeated Ohi Naoyuki 11-7.

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The Coroner said...

The Lion lost. Damn.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

But the Robocop won the championship!

Mabuhay Dennis! You're win a victory for all Filipino pool players and the whole nation, as well!

And I kid you not!


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