Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dennis Orcollo, aka Robocop, wins the 2007 9Ball Championship


Dennis Orcollo aka Robocop shut out (7-0) Shane Van Boening, 7-0, to grab the 9Ball Championship at the Riviera Hotel and Casino In Las Vegas, NV. An impressive finish for a well-deserved victory! When Dennis was not running racks, he put Shane in safeties with little or no chance at all to do anything offensively. In the women's category, Karen Corr won against the Duchess of Doom, Allison Fisher, (7-4) to win the title and US$15,000.

Other Filipino cue artists in the tournament failed in their respective bids and were eliminated early. These include Francisco Bustamante aka Django, Jose "Amang" Parica, Marlon Manalo, Santos Sambajon and Warren Kiamco.

On a personal note, Dennis Orcollo is indeed a tough cookie. The first time I saw Mr. Orcollo play was about 2-3 years ago. He won against Efren Reyes aka The Magician in a race-to-21, 10-ball match at the Coronado Sports Complex, Makati City. It was a close game, 21-19! Robocop used a Predator pool cue, while a Pampanga tako (cue stick) was Bata's weapon of choice. I vividly remember the focus of the two cue masters during the game! They were intense! And I kid you not!

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Robocop is amazing!

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Indeed, he is! And I kid you not!


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