Wednesday, April 30, 2008

YouTube Video On How Billiard Cues Are Made

Here is a YouTube video on how Falcon pool cues are made.
Hope you like it, friends!

The Runout TV GraphicMore videos from The Runout TV

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Efren Bata Reyes Wins Over Austin Murphy in the IPT Challenge Match!

Congratulations to Filipino pool player Efren Bata Reyes, aka The Magician, for winning the April 29, 2008 International Pool Tour Viewers Choice Challenge Match! Efren Reyes won over Austin Murphy with a 15-6 score. And lest I forget, here is a YouTube video from Inside Pool Magazine featuring the Hall of Famer before the match got underway.

And here is a special treat - a question-and-answer advisory from the IPT, featuring the 14-year-old pool prodigy, Austin Murphy!

Austin Murphy Graphic

Q: Mr. Murphy, when and where were you born?

Austin: I was born in Sacramento, CA on July 12th, 1993.

Q: Where do you live today?

Austin: Folsom, CA (it’s basically Sacramento)

Q: When were you first introduced to pool? By whom?

Austin: In 2001 when I was 7 years old, my older brother Braden and I used to hang out in the kids room of the local tennis club where my mom and dad would work out or play tennis. They had 2 pool tables in this room and my brother Braden started playing a lot of pool in there because it was something he could do from his wheelchair. I played too, just because he was. After about 6 months of practicing we talked my dad into taking us to a pool tournament and I won money in my first tournament. That got me hooked.

Q: Do you have a coach?

Austin: I don’t have an official pool playing coach but my dad helps me with mental toughness and good preparation. I learned a lot from watching all the good players and am still learning a lot by watching them.

Q: What’s in your cue case?

Austin: Two FURY cues and two extra shafts. My playing cue is a FURY RP-10 and my jump/break cue is a FURY JB-RW. I also have a towel, a tip pick and some candy.

Q: How has growing taller throughout your pool career affected your stroke, aim, and other aspects of the game? Are you taller than your pool cue?

Austin: Just 1 ½ years ago I was only 5’ 1”. Now I’m 5’ 10” which is quite a bit taller than my cue. It was really tough when I was shorter because there were so many times that I had to use the mechanical bridge and you can’t get the same stroke as you can when using your normal off hand bridge. I also used to have to shoot side armed but as I grew taller it came naturally for me to drop my elbow and get my stroke much more in alignment.

Q: Are you currently in school?

Austin: I am a freshman at Vista Del Lago High School in Folsom, CA.

Q: How do you handle the traveling for pool and keep your grades up?

Austin: If I miss five days or more I can do what they call independent study, where I am allowed to take that week’s work ahead of time so that I can do it on the trip. I’ve done a lot of homework in airplanes and in the back seat of our van and in hotel rooms. If I miss less than 5 days, I have to make it up when I get back home and that can be pretty tough but I just get it done. I currently have a 4.0 GPA so far in high school.

Q: Who is usually your road partner?

Austin: When traveling, my dad is always the one that goes everywhere with me. My brother also comes the majority of the time. My mom comes sometimes, but normally has something else to do.

Q: What is your regular practice routine? Where do you play?

Austin: I don’t really have any structured practice times or routines. I play in three to four tournaments each week and get there about an hour early to practice ahead of time before the tournament starts. I usually just toss the balls out at random or break and practice running out. I also practice between my matches to keep in stroke. We have a pool table in our garage and if I have a big tournament coming up I’ll put in quite a few hours in there. My dad makes me a deal where I have to pay $2.00 to play the ghost a race to 7 in 9-Ball and he’ll give me $1.00 for every game I win. I’ve been profiting $5.00 a set for a while now.

Q: There is a lot of pressure in pool….how do you get your head in the game before a match?

Austin: It comes naturally because I am so competitive.

Q: You are much younger than most other pros. Do you ever feel intimidated by players with more experience?

Austin: I have a lot of respect for them but I have a lot of confidence in my ability to compete, so that takes the edge off a bit. I think they might feel a little pressure playing someone so young, so that evens things up a bit.

Q: What kind of music do you like?

Austin: I like country and Hip Hop. I also like beat boxing.

Q: What are your favorite pastimes besides pool?

Austin: I like to play many different sports, but the one that I have been focusing on the most is tennis. I am the number one player on the varsity tennis team. My win loss record so far this season is 10-3 which is pretty good considering I’m only a freshman and have to compete against juniors and seniors.

Q: How does your leisure time compare to that of other teenagers?

Austin: Many of the kids my age spend time hanging out with friends, but for me it seems as though I am constantly busy. My typical day is getting up before 7:00am, starting school at 8:00am, going to tennis practice or a tennis match until 6:00pm and then it’s off to a local pool tournament from 7:30pm to 10:00pm. All the local pool rooms are over 30 minutes away from our home so I do a lot of homework in our van. I’m looking forward to summer vacation.

Q: You have traveled the world. What is your favorite cuisine?

Austin: I still prefer the food in the U.S.

Q: What do you normally eat for dinner at home?

Austin: Normally I eat some kind of meat with vegetables and rice or potatoes.

Q: What is the worst place you have ever had to sleep while on the road?

Austin: There haven’t been any memorable nights that were tough, but I do sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag when my whole family stays in one room. It’s really not that bad though. I bring my own pillow.

Q: Who is your idol in pool? Outside of pool?

Austin: I’ve always respected Johnny Archer, but outside of pool my idols are my parents.

Q: If you have your way, what will your first car be?

Austin: Personally, I could care less about how fancy my car is. I really want a Toyota Prius so that I can save a lot of money on gas. I used to want a Corvette.

Q: Do you plan to go to college? If so, where?

Austin: Currently I am hoping to maintain my 4.0 GPA and hopefully go on to UCLA or maybe Stanford.

Q: Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

Austin: I hope that in five years I will be in the finals of the World 9-ball and 8-Ball Championships…again.

Congratulations Efren and Austin!

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The 8th Annual Predator International 10-Ball Championship!

The 8th Annual Predator International 10-Ball Championship is just around the corner and promises to be one very exciting competition as Hall-of-Famer Efren Bata Reyes, aka The Magician, leads Asia into Las Vegas, Nevada, for the year’s most-awaited tournament! Produced by Dragon Promotions, the 8th Annual Predator International 10-Ball Championship is hosted by the BCA Pool Leagues at the Riviera Hotel & Casino. And it goes without saying that the event is sponsored by Predator Cues!

Hilton East Brunswick Graphic

The 8th Annual Predator International 10-Ball Championship will see the top 20 professional pool players from Asia, who will test their skills and all from their western counterparts! Indeed, Japan, China, Korea, India, and the Philippines will be well represented during this Predator event. Japan will field its champions Hiroshi Takenaka, Goh Takami, and 3rd Place finisher at the US Open Tomoki Mekari. Also in the offing is the 18-year-old World Junior 10-Ball Champion sensation, Hayato Hijikata, and the fast shooting and very flashy Naoyuki Oi! Hong Kong’s Lee Chenman will definitely be a tough draw, as well as India's Raj Hundal, India American Tony Chohan, and Korea's Pil Hyun Cho.

Alex Pagulayan GraphicAlex Pagulayan & Hayato Hijikata

But after all is said and done, the threat of the Philippines will be very obvious as they are sending a massive force of 9 pro pool players – fearsome and all! How fearsome? This team of Filipino pool players has a combined title list that includes 3 World 9-Ball Championships, 2 World 8-Ball Championships, 2 US Open Titles, 5 World All Around Championships, and a multitude of major pro wins in USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and more! And I kid you not! Leading the Philippine contingent is the Puyat Sports team of Efren Bata Reyes, Alex Pagulayan, and Francisco Django Bustamante. Bugsy Promotions will also be very well represented in the person of World 9-Ball & 8-Ball Champion Ronnie Alcano, while Lee Van Corteza, Warren Kiamco, and Ramil Gallego make up the Negros’ Stable. Jose Amang Parica, the man responsible for starting the Filipino pool invasion, will also see action in the event, as well as Canadian Filipino Edwin Montal.

And lest I forget, Skybox Seats will be available for the first time at Predator International 10-Ball Championship! Watch the pro pool players play in style up high in the elite Skybox area seating! The Skybox seating will host the pro players and sponsors, as well as elite VIP ticket holders who specifically purchase tickets just for the skybox areas. Tickets can be purchased on site at the tickets sales counter in the pro arena. Buy now in advance at Mingle with the pros! Be with the pros! Feel like a pro!

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Efren Reyes & Django Bustamante at the Predator Pro Pool School!

Here’s more information on the Predator Pro Pool School with Efren Bata Reyes, Francisco Django Bustamante, Thorsten Hohmann, and Tony Robles on May 21-22, 2008! Much thanks to Charlie Williams and Dragon Promotions for the info!

Predator Pro School Graphic

Filipino pool player Efren Bata Reyes will be working hands on with students helping them learn billiard topics he will cover. These include kicking, banking, cueball control/position play, safety play, and mental game. Francisco Django Bustamante will cover breaking, shotmaking & aiming, shot selection, and drills. Thorsten Hohmann will focus on the development of a straight stroke, jump shots, proper patterns, European Training Drills, pool health and fitness, while Tony Robles will cover perfect technique, cueball control/position play with Tony's 5-4-3-2-1 system, aiming, and drills. All billiard instructors will share one on one time and Q & A with students and also give insight on their mental game approach to billiards competition and getting better.

There will also be an exhibition by the pros after the first day of class is finished on May 21, 2008. On May 22, all the graduates from the Predator Pro Pool School will participate in a free entry 9-Ball Tournament with the champion receiving a free Predator Cue. The runner up will get a $100 gift card to use at any Billiard Factory location nationwide. Students may also try out various Predator products during the school at no cost. These include the Predator shafts, i.e., Z, Z2, 314, 314 2, the BK Break Cue 2, and the Predator Air Jump Cue. Did you know that almost 70% of the world's pros use Predator technology? Yes, they do! And I kid you not!

Jacksonville, Florida-based Top Hat Gameroom, one of Billiards Digest’s 10 Pool Rooms, in Jacksonville, will be hosting this monumental event. Top Hat Gameroom is located at 616 SR 13 N Fruit Cove, FL 32259.

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USA Online Casinos at US Players Welcome dot Net!

USA Online Casinos Graphic

Two of my friends from New York City saw my posts on online casinos and online gambling and sent me a link to check out – is an American online casinos site featuring online casinos accepting USA players from all American states with no restrictions. The USA online casinos resource features a ton of resources on online casinos, e.g., big bonus casinos, free casinos, no deposit casinos, and flash casinos. It also has a very comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy to use casinos guide.

Did I mention that a number of online casinos featured at offer large bonuses and free no deposit bonuses? Yes, they do! And I kid you not! And lest I forget, also features interesting sites on Italian casinos, French casinos, German casinos, Spanish casinos, Swedish casinos, and Danish casinos! Check out – it’s a must see website for anyone interested in online casinos and online gambling!

UK Online Casino Info at The Gaming Directory!

Gaming Directory ImageBilliard buddies of mine from London, England, sent me a link to check out. They found the site - - while surfing for online resources on online casinos and online gambling in the United Kingdom. With the growth of online gambling growing in popularity over the years, the amount of gambling opportunities available on the World Wide Web has increased considerably. Thus, it pays to have a second opinion, even a third one, on which of the online casino sites are reputable, safe, secure, and legit. touts itself as the definitive, guide to the best online casinos online sportsbooks, and poker rooms for serious gamblers in the United Kingdom. The UK online casino resource is human edited to provide online users with the best up to date gambling information. It offers an unbiased professional resource for both businesses and the public who are interested in finding information about everything related to land-based casinos in the country. features a ton of information on online casinos and online gambling. These include affiliate schemes, betting exchanges, bingo, bookmarkers, consumer organizations, gambling bookstores, gambling equipment, game rules, lotteries, online payment providers, poker, prize draws, racing, specialist travel, spread betting, sports betting, syndicates, watchdogs, and tipsters.

And check out the featured UK online casino at - 32Red Casino. It is one of the top online casino sites in the United Kingdom today. Listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2005, 32Red Casino has served hundreds of thousands of satisfied players since its inception. It is powered by the Microgaming casino computer software and features top tier payouts without hassles. If you decide to play now, you will get £100 free! And I kid you not!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Sahara Hotel & Casino: The Real Las Vegas Deal!

I just came across an interesting website – that of the legendary Sahara Hotel & Casino. Built in 1951, the Sahara Hotel & Casino is known for its glitzy entertainment, exciting casino action, and sumptuous dining experience. Rich in history and charm, right on the Las Vegas Strip, the Las Vegas casino has more than 1,700 rooms and suites, four world-class restaurants, and is home to the very popular NASCAR Cafe and the Club Sahara.

Sahara Hotel And Casino Graphic

According to friends, exhilarating casino action is evident at the Sahara Hotel & Casino with 85,000 square feet of huge jackpot progressives, video poker, and an array of slots with custom promotions that pay top dollar! The Sahara Hotel & Casino, which has been rated as the number one place to play Blackjack in Las Vegas, also features the city’s most popular table games that have realized a reputation for being the most sought after among players all over the world. These include Craps, Blackjack, Roulette, War, Mini Baccarat, Spanish 21, Let It Ride, Big 6, 4 Card Poker, 3 Card Poker, Texas Hold-Em Bonus, and Pai Gow. Its slot machines range from pennies to $5 systems, with hundreds of variations, ranging from conventional favorites to the latest graphically exciting multi-line varieties that give out multiple jackpots! Now, that’s the real Las Vegas deal y’all!

Another notable feature at the Sahara Hotel & Casino is its wedding chapel, which has been remodeled for those wishing to have the most memorable day of their lives at the Sahara Hotel & Casino. A team of experienced and professional wedding planners and consultants are on hand 24/7 with one thing in mind – to fulfill all desires during one’s Las Vegas wedding day! It goes without saying that the Sahara Hotel & Casino offers the most romantic wedding packages and services in all of Las Vegas, Nevada!

These and more make Sahara Hotel & Casino stand out from the competition! And lest I forget, did you know that the Sahara Hotel & Casino was the setting for the original "Ocean's Eleven" film and has played host to everyone from The Beatles to Dean Martin to Marilyn Monroe to Elvis Presley? You read right, friends! And I kid you not!

T In The Park Tickets at Viagogo!

Viagogo ImageA couple of friends of mine from the United Kingdom, who are into pool, billiards, music, and all, asked me to help them out find and acquire T in the Park tickets as soon as possible. As you all know, T in the Park is very popular music event. It will take place on July 11-13, 20008 in Baldao, Kinross, in Scotland, and will feature some of the music industry’s bests! These include REM, Rage Against The Machine, The Verve, Kings Of Leon, Kaiser Chiefs, The Prodigy, Pigeon Detectives, The Raconteurs, Interpol, The Fratellis, Stereophonics, The Kooks, Primal Scream, etc.! Awesome stellar acts! We are definitely in for a treat, friends! And because of its popularity, purchasing and acquiring T in the Park tickets will be like finding a needle in a haystack!

T in the Park Tickets GraphicMy search on the Internet computer network using my reliable online tools brought me back to viagogo, a very reliable and efficient online ticket exchange that allows people to buy and sell live event tickets, e.g., T in the Park Tickets, in a safe and guaranteed way. viagogo is an online ticket exchange that matches buyers and sellers of concert tickets, sports tickets, theater tickets, and more. The online ticket hub allows anyone to buy and sell live event tickets in a safe and guaranteed way! viagogo offers the ultimate in ticketing experience via its full ticket tracking, logistics management, and live customer service support, while promising these and more via a secured and up-to-date SSL encryption technology designed to protect personal and transaction information! I’ve said it before, please allow me to say it again, viagogo is efficient! viagogo is transparent! And viagogo is guaranteed! It’s a sure way to go to acquire T in the Park tickets!

At viagogo, every T in the Park ticket and transaction is guaranteed to be safe and secure – 100%! No more! No less! Besides making it easy and simple to buy T in the Park tickets or sell T in the Park tickets, viagogo ensures their safe and prompt delivery via online tracking technology! Every T in the Park ticket transaction is supported by viagogo’s customer service team which is available to online users by telephone and e-mail seven days a week. And I kid you not!

*Update! This just in! My friends in the United Kingdom are very pleased with my search results and have decided to utilize viagogo’s service to purchase T in the Park tickets!

Online Backgammon & Blackjack at Backgammon Masters!

I just saw this cool site on online backgammon – – where thousands of players from all over the globe play backgammon. Owned and operated by JD Lucky Skill Ltd., offers a ton of info about backgammon and how to play it online, e.g., backgammon rules, backgammon strategy, and online backgammon tournaments.

Backgammon Masters ImageA quick browse of reveals its commitment to offer online customers superior service with one thing in mind, i.e., that users enjoy backgammon at its absolute best! Hey, I like that! has a 24/7 support staff dedicated to help online backgammon players with any questions or concerns, and are very much into fair play in every aspect of the backgammon game. And I like that even more! also has a very good privacy protection clause and uses a data-encrypted security system to ensure data integrity and security. Its Random Number Generator has been reviewed and audited by an independent tester of online gaming and skillgaming sites to ensure that the game operates correctly and fairly, with fully random outcomes for every roll of the dice! Moreover, owns and operates its very own proprietary online backgammon software, thus, allowing it to respond quickly to competitive challenges and concerns.

Backgammon Masters GraphicWith regards to the experience, the online backgammon site provides state-of-the-art software delivering a realistic experience via first-rate graphics and unrivaled usability, all in a fully-supported online backgammon playing environment! Did I mention that features a blackjack section, too? Yes, it does have a blackjack feature, friends! And I kid you not! Some of the payment options supported at include Visa/MasterCard, Diners, Solo, MoneyBookers, Switch, Delta, Ukash, Visa Electron, NETeller, ClickandBuy, and Wire Transfers.

Male Health Products

Male Enhancement Graphic

Remember my post about Peyronie’s Disease, which affects about 1% of all men, often in the later stages of life? My search results featured a number of interesting sites about Peyronie’s disease. Other sites that came up in the search results focused on penis enlargement and male enhancement devices, which could also be interesting to my online buddy based in the Middle East.

The sites include, which is one of the Web’s first communities to evaluate male enhancement products and rate them;, which touts its SinRex male enhancement pill with Dual Synergy Performance features designed for overall male health and longevity; and, which offers information on penis health, sexual health, and reviews of penis enlargement products. And if you suffer from Peyronie’s disease, it is very important that you consult your doctor. And I kid you not!

Peyronie’s Disease Info at X4 Extender dot Net!

X4 Extender Graphic

An online buddy from the Middle East asked me to help him out do some searches about Peyronie’s Disease, which affects about 1% of all men, often in the later stages of life. My search results were A-OK, with one particularly surprising site included - that of has developed one of the most technologically advanced penis stretchers that incorporate both silicone tubing and strap-based extenders into one.

The premise of traction therapy is often utilized in medical fields, e.g., cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. Cellular regeneration causes the body tissue to expand by gradually applying small quantities of stress to body tissue and X4 Labs has used these same principles treat various medical problems, with emphasis on generating significant improvements in penile health via the use of a traction-based penis stretcher. And over the years, penis stretchers have proven themselves as a viable non-surgical instrument to provide significant increases in penis size, both length and girth.

And lest I forget, the X4 Labs Penis Extender is one of only a handful of penile enlargement devices to have been under pharmaceutical studies and to be medically certified! And if you do suffer from Peyronie’s disease, it goes without saying that it is very important that you consult a doctor. And I kid you not!

Hot G Vibe!

Hot G Vibe Image

With all the talk about integrating sex education in the curriculum, I decided to browse the Internet about the subject and all, without using my trust online tools. Imagine to my surprise when my search results brought me to one particular site – that of Hot G Vibe! What is particularly surprising about Hot G Vibe is the ton of sex toys that it offers, e.g., the cock ring and the vibrating cock ring. And I kid you not when I say that it’s my first time to hear about such! A further read revealed that the cock ring and vibrating cock ring features an ultra slim motor that releases a constant throbbing sensation designed to help one maintain an erection – a solid one!

Another 5-10 minute perusal of the site revealed why Hot G Vibe ranked well in the online searches – Hot G Vibe’s call and belief on safe sex practices! Yes, it advocates safe sex practices! With each purchase of its cock ring, online buyers will receive an additional premium grade latex condom that comes complete with instructions!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Martha Stewart Flowers & Plants at 1800 Flowers dot com!

I was browsing the Web for something different this time – martha stewart flowers and martha stewart plants. I have always been fascinated with Martha Stewart flowers and Martha Stewart plants for quite a while and I guess now is the perfect time to find more about them.
Martha Stewart Flowers GraphicMy search on Martha Stewart flowers and Martha Stewart plants brought me to, which currently offers a ton of new Martha Stewart products. A quick check on the website shows that 1-800-Flowers.Com has been in business since 1976, when in opened its first retail store!, aka Your Florist of Choice, currently maintains strategic online relationships with a number of online services, e.g., Microsoft Network, America Online, and Yahoo! It offers customers with the freshest flowers and the finest selection of plants, gift baskets, gourmet foods, confections and plush stuffed animals perfect for every occasion. Not only that, has exquisite, florist-designed arrangements that individually created by some of the world’s top floral artists and hand-delivered the same day! Yes, you read right – hand-delivered the same day! That’s 24 a day, 7 days a week at or 1-800-356-9377.

Martha Stewart Flowers Image

And with regards to Martha Stewart flowers and Martha Stewart plants, offers everything! And I kid you not! These include the following: Martha Stewart Vibrant Purple Bouquet, Martha Stewart Pink Tulip Bouquet, Martha Stewart Vibrant Ranunculus Bouquet, Martha Stewart Classic Pink and White Bouquet, Martha Stewart Spring Blossom Bouquet, Martha Stewart Pink and White Gerbera Bouquet, Martha Stewart Rose and Hydrangea Bouquet, Martha Stewart Petite Garden Bouquet, Martha Stewart White Palaenopsis Orchid Bouquet, Martha Stewart Dutch Iris Bouquet, and Martha Stewart Rose, Calia Lily and Nerine Bouquet, and my favorite – the Martha Stewart Rose Medley and Hydrangea Bouquet! And oh! Save $10 on Martha’s boutique collection when you use Promotion Code Martha11 at checkout!

Indeed, the ton of beautiful products offered at makes it all worthwhile to visit it! No kidding! The martha stewart flowers and martha stewart plants are not just beautiful – they are lovely! Customers can purchase such and other products online via the company's web site,, as well as through its online partners.

Hen Weekends & Parties at BetterWeekends!

I was browsing the Internet for something interesting about Hen Weekends, which have become the uber-favorite party weekend for women and ladies across the world. My online tools and all brought me to, which touts itself as the premiere resource for staging hen parties in the UK and all over the globe!

Better Weekends Graphic utilizes different accommodations to suit one’s Hen Weekend budget – large or small, i.e., from family-run guest houses to luxury hotels. offers very competitive prices in excellent locations with one thing in mind – to make sure that all hen nights and weekends are better weekends! And how does do this with its Hen Weekends events? have partners worldwide, which includes an excellent choice of hotels, activity hubs, and nightclubs offering fantastic services geared towards experiencing that unforgettable Hen Weekend!

Hen Weekends Graphic

What makes even more interesting is that it an experienced member of the betterweekends team will be on hand to help anyone and everyone with their Hen Night Weekends inquiries! Now, that is customer service, friends! And get this,, one of the most respected tour operator brands in the United Kingdom offering group party celebrations, also specializes in group travel and event management needs. Such include party organising for stag, hen, birthdays, team building events, or any other events or happenings involving friends and colleagues. Wow! I guess is a one-stop-shop of everything related to having a party and a ton of fun! And after all is said and done,’s commitment to its customers says it all - is all about saving the end user time and money, while making an immediate difference to any event! Having a party soon? I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try this time! And I kid you not!

Casinos-R-Us: One Nice Site on Online Casinos & Online Gambling!

Casinos R Us ImageSome members of one of the billiard clubs I play at asked me questions about online casinos. They were particularly interested in the posts I did on online casinos and online gambling resources and have made a request for me to check out some more. My trusty online systems tools and all brought me to one novel site, Casinos-R-Us, a guide to casino gambling in Las Vegas, Nevada, and online gambling.
Casinos-R-Us touts itself as an online resource designed to help anyone thinking about traveling to Las Vegas or any other place that has casinos. What makes Casinos-R-Us unique is that it helps online users make their travel arrangements and offers gambling tours at the most popular gambling destinations, e.g., Las Vegas, Atlantic City or the Bahamas! Casinos-R-Us also offers gambling courses for novice players looking to learn the proper betting strategies for different games, such as blackjack, craps, slots, roulette, video poker, and Texas Hold'em. Moreover, Casinos-R-Us has just started to review online casinos and internet casino software providers to make itself a one-stop-shop online casinos and online gambling.
Excited with my find on Casinos-R-Us, I further browsed the site and discovered that all the casino locations and vacation packages that Casinos-R-Us recommends to online users have been visited by its staff and have been reviewed based on a number of important variables, such as customer service and gaming elegance. Now, I like that! I really do! It’s having a hands-on approach and personal take to online gambling and all! And I kid you not!
And lest I forget, if you are an owner of a casino or gambling resort, drop an email to Casinos-R-Us, or better yet, give them a call and asked them to do a review of your property for possible inclusion into its tour packages! After all, you wouldn’t want to be left out of Casinos-R-Us’ list!

Share Your Thoughts at Thoughts dot Com! ImageI was browsing the Internet on blogs, blogging and online blog communities when I came upon, which offers users the chance to share their thoughts via the creation of free blogs or personal online journals at the said website. What is interesting about is that it offers free unlimited bandwidth for uploading photographs, videos, and podcasts. offers features an online community chat and community forums that online users can join. Such is a place to meet new people and share thoughts, novel ideas and all. What is particularly interesting about is that it allows online users the chance to decide for themselves whether to make a particular blog post public or not – or taking it another step further – deciding whether to make a specific blog post viewable only by friends and family!

Another 20-30 minutes of browsing shows that it is more than a 100% free online blog community. integrates additional features that online users would not find on other blog sites. What are these features? Besides the unlimited bandwidth, photo, video and podcast sharing, and community forum features, integrates a live news discussions feature! Indeed, thought of everything! I guess, after all is said and done, is truly a place for people to share their thoughts – publicly or in the company of friends.

What further sets it apart from other online communities is its user rating system, which allows fellow members to rate each blog posts, photos, podcasts, and video blogs! The ratings are then calculated via a weighted average to determine one’s overall user rating! And get this friends, most active members with high average user ratings are eligible to win an all expense paid retreat to a fun new location every year! What kind of trips? In 2007, the winner got the chance to go to Las Vegas, Nevada! Wow! I wouldn’t be surprised if evolves into a worldwide online community of bloggers soon! Such thoughts aren't far-fetched! And I kid you not!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Manny Pacquiao on YouTube Playing Billiards!

Here's a YouTube video featuring the
WBC Super Featherweight Champion of the World
Manny Pacquiao aka Pacman
playing billiards and doing trick shots
with Max Eberle!

The Runout TV GraphicMore videos from The Runout TV

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