Friday, April 11, 2008

Shane Van Boening vs. Alex Pagulayan at TARPIT!

It’s Shane Van Boening vs. Alex Pagulayan at TARPIT at the 2008 BCAPL Nationals! The TARPIT will be located directly across from the main tournament room in the Riviera Hotel & Casino.

2008 BCAPL Nationals matches starts on May 8, 2008 with the first day of the OB Cues Bar Table Challenge with Scott Frost of the United States taking on Darren Appleton from the United Kingdom. The match is a unique 3-day format of 8 ball, 10 ball and 9 ball played on a Diamond 7 foot Pro-Am table with Pro-Cut pockets.

These two great players each put up a $7,500 entry fee for this exciting event. The match format is each day the players will play one of the games for $5,000. Each days play will consist of race to 11 games best 3 out of 5 sets. The order of play is May 8- 8 Ball, May 9- 10 Ball, May 10- 9 Ball. There is one stipulation that makes this format very interesting, if the players split the first two days matches then they will play the 9 Ball match for the entire $15,000 prize fund. Winner take all!

The second challenge match to take place in the OB Cues TARPIT is a rematch from this year’s Derby City Classic action room. 2007 Player of the Year and U.S. Open Champion Shane Van Boening will put his Action Challenge Champion title on the line against former U.S. Open Champion and 2004 WPA 9 Ball Champion Alex "The Lion" Pagulayan in The Action Challenge 3. These two clashed at the Derby early this year in after hours action and Shane Van Boening came out ahead. They met again at the JOB event in Tennessee and Alex Pagulayan dominated the matches.

They will settle things on May 11-13, 2008, with a $10,000 entry fee, race to 100, 10-Ball match. May 11 will see the players in action till one reaches 30 wins, day two May 12, they will play until one reaches a cumulative total of 70 victories and the final day, May 13 they will play until someone reaches 100 wins and takes the $20,000 winner take all prize!

Both of these exciting challenge matches will be available to watch LIVE on streaming Pay Per View at There will also be free live streaming coverage of all the TARPIT action that happens after the first 6 days of challenge matches. will also be providing daily video updates of the happenings at the biggest pool event in the United States, the 2008 BCAPL 8 Ball Nationals! And I kid you not!

An added bonus for pool forum fans will be a $3000 entry Internet Challenge match between popular pool blogger Melinda "OMGWTF" Huang and AZ Forum member Chris "Cubc" Cubbage.

For more information on all the TARPIT action please visit

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