Friday, May 25, 2007

Da Daily Donkey - Sandiganbayan

Da Daily Donkey

Da Daily Donkey Award goes to the Sandiganbayan, which issued a resolution releasing Charlie "Atong" Ang, a co-accused in the plunder case against former President Joseph Estrada. The resolution set several conditions on Ang's two-year probation.
  • The first condition requires Ang to report monthly to his probation officer;
  • That he is not to associate with persons of questionable character;
  • That he must look for employment;
  • That he plant hardwood trees every two months at the La Mesa dam watershed area or at the Quezon City memorial circle;
  • the court also ordered him not to gamble.
A co-defendant in the Estrada plunder case, Charlie "Ato" Ang was a former consultant of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp under the Estrada administration. Ang was accused of helping Estrada amass P4.1 billion in ill-gotten wealth by setting up an illegal gambling protection racket and diverting at least P130 million of tobacco excise tax funds earmarked for Ilocos Sur, a province in the northern part of the Philippines.

"Aside from probation, Ang is also seeking release from detention through bail."

You have gotta to be shitting me!

The release of Charlie "Atong" Ang is not the issue here. It's the way the Sandiganbayan set the conditions for his two-year probation, which made me laugh to my heart's content. Come on! Do you honestly expect us, the people, to believe that Ang will follow to the letter the said conditions? Honestly? Di nga? Yung totoo? Di ako magagalit. Promise.
  • Ang is not to associate with persons of questionable character.
    Is he not shady enough to you? There's an old adage, "Birds of the same feather flock together."
  • That Ang must look for employment.
    Do you honestly expect that the man, who paid back P25 million which he owed up to having pocketed during delivery of tobacco excise funds to the former president, will look for employment?
    And take note: he owed up to - I'll bet you my bottom dollar that the Php25 million he returned is small change to the total amount he pocketed/they amassed.
  • That Ang plant hardwood trees every two months at the La Mesa dam watershed area or at the Quezon City memorial circle.
    Give me a break! Now, you're being funny Sandigan!
  • The court also ordered him not to gamble.
    This one is for the books! I said stop being funny. Please!

Katapatan. Kapanagutan. Karangalan.
These are your codes,
Live by them!
And I kid you not!


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Anonymous said...

Whooaaaa... such a brilliant award-giving body...

Pa-krispy pata ka naman!

Anonymous said...

Pasikat ka naman pare..... Alam mo ba na ang donkey ay isa katangi-tanging hayop. Sabagay, pwedeng hayop at katangi-tangi ang ginawaran mo ng parangal. My suggestion ako, magnominate tau at pagbotohan natin..... Siyempre, fuel na din ang blog pag bumoto..... Hehehehehe!!!!! Great post!

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