Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Instroke Leather Buffalo Pool Cue Case for Sale!

Instroke Buffalo Cue Case Graphic

One of my good friends, Sygfrid Ramos, is selling his 3-month old Instroke Leather Buffalo Pool Cue Case! And I kid you not! For all those wanting to own one of the best pool cue cases around, here’s your chance to acquire one! Read on, friends!

Instroke Buffalo Cue Case Image

Words & pictures from Sygfrid Ramos: Up for grabs is my 3-month old 2x4 Instroke Leather Buffalo Case with FREE Portable Cue Holder. The Buffalo case is one of the all-time favorite pool cue cases because of its rugged look. It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance since creates its own personality as it ages: apply a leather conditioner & the color darkens, enriching the cue case. Even scratches give this case a tougher look! The condition is almost like brand new that you can still get a whiff of that distinct fresh leather smell. I’m willing to let go of this at a great deal of P14,999 (US$360) only!

Instroke Buffalo Pool Cue Case GraphicHOW MUCH ARE YOU SAVING?

Instroke Buffalo 2x4 alone costs between US$320-399 (SRP), shipping cost from the US is around $95, then when the item reaches the Philippine shores, there’s another $65++ customs tax. That about $475-555 or almost PHP20k-24k! What's better is that you don't have to through all the hassles of lining, begging, & what have you, in the Customs office. If you're interested, kindly PM or text me (Sygfrid Ramos) at 0919-556-4000.

Instroke Buffalo Pool Cue Case ImageSPECS of the INSTROKE 2x4 LEATHER BUFFALO

“This Instroke Buffalo pool cue case holds two butts and four shafts. The Buffalo line of cue cases uses top-quality vegetable-tanned cowhide in its construction. This type of leather is luxurious to the touch, wears beautifully and looks better and better as it ages. Though the exact color differs from case to case, the Buffalo line are generally a light coffee color. The leather has a cracked grain appearance, with a slight short suede feel. The hardware on Instroke Buffalo cue cases is brass. The interior of the case is padded and lined, holding padded and lined rigid PVC tubes for each pool cue shaft and butt. The case lid features a handle on top, and locks closed with a thumb latch. On the front of the cue case are two pockets. The top compartment features both a brass thumb latch closure, as well as an easy-access zipper on the side. It measures approximately 4" x 6". On the bottom of the pool cue case is a larger pocket, measuring approximately 4" x 14". This has a zippered closure. On the side of the lower compartment is an Instroke innovation: a zippered jump cue pouch. On the side of the cue case is a carrying handle, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap. A matching ID tag comes with the case. Instroke pool cue cases are known to be the best cue cases available anywhere.” Platinum Billiards

Instroke Buffalo Cue Case Graphic


• Holds 4 cues.

• Sturdy construction.

• Protects your cue from being knocked over.

• Item's weight and gripping surface keep it on the table.

• No sharp edges to scratch your cues.

• Fits easily into pouch of your cue case.

Instroke Buffalo Cue Case Image

Update: Pool Cue Case Sold!

"The Anitokid loves beautiful cue cases!"

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