Monday, May 28, 2007

Manny Pacquiao's campaigners win Da Daily Donkey award

Da Daily Donkey

- to have the courage of one's conviction -

Da Daily Donkey Award goes to the campaigners of the People's Champion, Manny Pacquiao, who "deserted him at the last minute" in his bid for South Cotabato’s first district congressional seat.

From GMANews.TV's Pacquiao on poll knockout: My men deserted me:
  • In an article by Manny Piñol posted Sunday on, the author bared Pacquiao had admitted the boxing superstar trusted too many people around him and did not know some of them would turn into Benedict Arnolds.

  • "They (campaigners) deserted me at the last minute," Piñol quoted Pacquiao as saying.

  • Piñol, a former sports journalist, a boxing critic, and winner in the vice-gubernatorial post of North Cotabato, said: "Just as the elections neared, these DPOs (deep penetration operators) stabbed Manny in the back and ran off with his campaign funds leaving the campaign apparatus crumbling."

  • Piñol said that Pacquiao's defeat in politics is welcome news to many boxing fans. He said they "are actually relieved that at least for now, the boxing icon can really concentrate on where he is best -- boxing."

  • "With a few years remaining before he turns 30, Manny must now pick quality fights, save his money and prepare for retirement. The squandering of money on gambling must stop," the author said.

  • Pacquiao, who spoke on radio before the proclamation, welcomed the results of the elections. He urged the winning candidates to keep their campaign promises and work hard to help alleviate the poor conditions of local residents.

Rumors have it that Manny spent at least Php100 million pesos in his campaign. A painful lesson for Manny? Yes, it is. A blow to one's pride? Maybe. A fall from grace? No. The Anitokid sincerely believes that the People's Champion was in his right mind when he decided to run for Congress. He declared his principles openly, regardless of the danger to himself, his family, or to his reputation. All he wanted to do was to help the people, and he honestly felt he could do that more effectively and efficiently as a member of the Philippine Congress. The AnitoKid admires him for having the courage of one's conviction. And like it or not, Manny is generous to a fault; Manny's love for the people is so great that there will always be snakes (with all their kissy-kissy affection) around him waiting for that opportune moment to take advantage of him. And I kid you not!

The so-called defeat will be a saving grace for the Pacman - an avenue for him to see things in their proper perspective and fine-tune his ability to listen to reason without being influenced by his emotions. And as he welcomes the results and urges the winning candidates to keep their promises, his true character continues to shine - Manny is all heart and is equally gracious in both victory and defeat. Manny is indeed the People's Champion! Mabuhay ka Manny!


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Novice Blogger said...

there is something genuinely human about the pacman. he was asked on his next move after being defeated in the elections and he said that he will be studying. it's almost laughable to imagine him studying but at least he stayed positive with the results. he knows how to take defeat gracefully.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Manny truly embodies the true Filipino spirit! It is not how hard you get knock down, but how you get up, and stand up, and keep fighting until you can fight no more! Manny - The People's Champ! And I kid you not!

I AM SAM said...

Learn your lessons Manny, and things will go back to normal. The sad thing about this defeat was that our so-called "national hero" was branded as gullible and easily manipulated. Of course Rizal was fool-proof and Bonifacio also showed some facets of practicality. I will only accept the claim that Manny is a hero until the time he realizes that the boxing ring where he rules is only a mincemeat of the political arena where all sorts of humans exist. In politics, even a hero can become an instant goat....

THE ANiTOKiD said...

I know not which is dirtier, life inside the squared circle or the world of politics. In boxing, a pugilist is not allowed to hit his downed opponent. One is even given the chance to quit or continue fighting. In politics, there are no written rules. All is fair game and it's everyone for himself - whatever it takes! Patibayan talaga ng sikmura!

Ary said...

I like this post! haha..although I must say, If I were a resident of 1st district of S.Cotabato, I would not definitely vote for Pacman.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

He fought wars in the ring for us, the Filipino people. I sincerely believe that it is time we step in the ring with him - NOW! He faces a tough pugilist, someone he has never sparred with before - HIMSELF. He may be down now, but Manny is not out for the count. And I don't hear no bell! This is not not about who voted who, or who won, or who lost. It is something more than that. And I kid you not! I'll leave it up to you, my dear readers and friends, to figure it out.

George Atento said...

ok, what is most amusing is the fact that manny knows benedict arnold. god. (manny piñol is one literary goliath).

THE ANiTOKiD said...

The Honorable Manny Piñol is indeed an icon in Philippine journalism. He sent a text congratulating the AnitoKid for the post on Manny. Despite his busy schedule, Mr. Piñol took time out to send the note. :) And I kid you not!

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