Monday, May 21, 2007

Bontoc, Mountain Province breaks election tie with coin toss!

Two candidates vying for a seat on the council in Bontoc town, Mountain Province, broke a rare tie in the May 2007 elections by coin toss! Local elections officials discovered that Benjamin Ngeteg and Bryan Byrd Bellang had tied for the last of eight seats on the council. They were then asked by elections supervisor Mary Umaming if they wanted to break the tie by tossing a coin or drawing lots; apparently, such options are in the rules! And the two candidates agreed to flip a coin in the local town hall. Bellang, who chose heads, won the coin toss. The candidates then shook each other's hands, sealing the agreement, as the crowd erupted with a thunderous applause for their peaceful resolution of the tie.

My hat's off to you, gentlemen. And I kid you not!


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