Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Adam Cue Co.'s BSP-6AP Pool Cue is Up for Sale!

Adam BSP-6AP Pool Cue GraphicPool players and fans, up for sale is my Adam BSP-6AP pool cue! The 19-oz BSP-6AP pool cue is one of the Adam Cue Co.'s higher-end models! And it's one very beautiful cue! The pool cue was brought in to the Philippines from Japan by none other than Masaki Tanaka, one of Japan's top pool players! No kidding!

Adam BSP-6AP Pool Cue ImageThe Adam BSP-6AP pool cue has never been used, it is brand new! I chalked the tip for test hits after I received it from my good friend, Jesse Gonzales, a personal friend of Mr. Masaki Tanaka. The results of the test hits were excellent! And the BSP-6AP pool cue has remained in my personal pool room ever since.

Adam BSP-6AP Pool Cue GraphicThe Adam Cue Co. has been making some of the world's finest cues for over 35 years. The company has given the billiard industry some of the best quality cue sticks at reasonable prices. Years of experience and craftsmanship are very apparent in each cue that Adam Cue manufactures.

Adam BSP-6AP Pool Cue ImageThe attention to detail and the quality of the materials have always been foremost in our requirements. And these are very evident in the BSP-6AP!

Adam BSP-6AP Pool Cue GraphicLook at those points! Look at those veneers, ma!

Adam BSP-6AP Pool Cue Image

Adam BSP-6AP Pool Cue GraphicThe Adam Cue Co.'s logo and BSP ensignia are proudly displayed
on the forearm of the BSP-6AP pool cue!

Adam BSP-6AP Pool Cue GraphicThe BSP-6AP pool cue comes with its own set of joint protectors

Adam BSP-6AP Pool Cue ImageA Pro A.C.S.S. shaft makes up the rest of the BSP-6AP pool cue

Believe you me, this pool cue for sale is one great buy! And I'm selling the BSP-6AP pool cue, one of Adam Cue's high-end cue sticks, for only $1,000. What! That can't be right? Yes, it is! Asking price is just $1,000! It goes without saying that serious offers will be seriously considered! And I kid you not!

"The AnitoKid loves beautiful cues!"

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kegler747 said...

How about a discount my friend :) R u sure that this price is the lowest in the market?

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Except for Japan, yes it is the lowest! Shipping cost and all cost a ton of money these days! Wow!

And oh! This cue was personally brought in to the Philippines by none other by one of Japan's top pool players, Masaki Tanaka! And I kid you not!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I live in California USA and I am trying to buy an Efren Reyes cue model number ELM-01. The problem is that the site to buy it on is in Japanese and I can't figure out how to contact them to purchase one. The website is Any ideas? I would REALLY appreciate if you could help. Thank you.-Martin

THE ANiTOKiD said...

I, too, saw that site and all.
I'll try my best to get their contact info. Will let you know.

Do send me an email for me to get back to you.


SohbetvChat said...

thank you this post

THE ANiTOKiD said...

You're welcome!


Anonymous said...

If I wanna purchase a bebot bautista custom cue. Who do I email? Or is there a catalog?

Anonymous said...

hi, i would just like to ask. i've been searching for a cue stick here in the philippines. the store in Shangrila is already closed, do you happen to know where i can buy a good stick here?

Tim said...

Is the cue still up for sale?

Thanks, Tim

Pool addict said...

Right. Filipinos are not only good pool players, they're also in my opinion the best cue makers in the world. I've had cues from different makers in the Philippines before but I would say Kings Q custom cues are my favorite coz they are cheap and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You may be right about the best players but best makers, I doubt it. I was in the Phillipines a year ago and I played with a littlle kid. I think he was only 11 years old and he was able to run out five in a row. I was amazed with this kid. For the whole three months I was there, I plyed with this kid as much as I can. We did not play for money but I end up paying for the table time. I have been plying for 25 years and I have not seen anyone like him. It was sad to see him being forced by his dad to play for money.

I have played with the best cue that they claimed from the P.I. and its not as good as they claimed to be. I tried the best cues that were made here in the US and the craftmanship is unbelievable. The cues are well balanced, solid hits,and less vibration. You can find nice cues that are reasonable price and they are well made. Example: JT1, V170, V173, some predetors, schon.
You just need to find the right one that feels good on your hand. Only you can tell.

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