Sunday, February 3, 2008

Quote Me Today: The Easier Way To Get An Insurance Quote for Your Business!

Quote Me Today Graphic

A good friend of mine in London, England, requested me to do a quick search on online insurance services. My friend, who is also a very good pool player, knew little about insurance policies and did not want to go through the hassle of shopping around for the best insurance deals for his business interests in London. After all, there are too many online sites too complex, particularly in the insurance sector. After about 10 minutes on the web, I chanced upon Quote Me Today, an interactive quotation service where one can purchase insurance quickly and easily.

Based in Kent, has many years experience in offering risk solutions for both the personal and commercial lines markets, with emphasis on offering the best
competitive rates, risk knowledge and customer confidence. How does it do this? offers such via a panel of insurers – each with a tremendous wealth of industry experience. Its relationship with such insurers gives it the ability to quote competitive rates that are customized to the specific needs of each client. Thus, the professionally tailored cover gives that much-needed edge that correlates with placing a business at the right price without prejudice to one’s policy requirements.

Quote Me Today ImageMoreover, Quote me today’s Quick Quote promises to get customers and prospective clients the most competitive policies from its extensive panel of insurers. Thus, one can directly benefit from instant quotations and speedy cover! It’s no wonder that Quote me today is the market leader in HGV Insurance, Courier Insurance, Fleet Insurance, Goods in Transit Insurance, Motor Trade Insurance, etc.! But wait! That’s not all! Quote me today not only makes it quick and easy to get insurance for one's business - it also promises to beat 95% of all insurance quotes! Yes, you read right! Quote me today will beat 95% of insurance quotes! And I kid you not!


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