Monday, February 25, 2008

Bilyat dot Net at Hobbies of Asia!

Bilyar.Net GraphicI finally got the chance to meet some of the forum members of Bilyar.Net in its first get-together for 2008! Members of the Bilyar.Net forum converged at the Hobbies of Asia billiard hall, Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City, last Saturday, February 23, 2008.

'Twas nice to see the faces behind the avatars and all! These include forum owner, Mark, members Mike, Doods Atienza, Vic Trinidad, Vince, and one of my old buddies, Buboy Rabe! I know I forgot the name of the other guy I met at the event - my sincerest apologies for the boo-boo! Will update you on this, friends!

When I joined the group, I didn't know a soul in the forum. I had a good feeling that Boy Pulbos was Buboy Rabe in real life, but i didn't get the chance to ask him. I kinda knew it was him with the the way he asked questions about stuff in the forum, particularly with regards to my posts. You see, Buboy was one of my "suki" during the days of the Makati Square Billiards Association. And lo and behold when Boy Pulbos turned out to be Buboy! 'Twas a nice surprise actually!

After the introductions and all, the group had some ring games! And may i just mention that I won a set - the third set that is! :) Siyempre! Siyempre! I played against Mark, Vince, and Doods! Balikatan! Lahat magagalling! May mananalo at may matatalo lang talaga! During the games, the group had booze, food, and what-have-you's. Masarap ang samahan! Walang pasiklaban o yabangan! Everybody treated everyone as equals. Everybody accommodated everyone! All had respect for one another! And these, I believe, are some of the magics of this group - Bilyar.Net - which will make it a household name in the Philippine billiards setting and the world over! No kidding!

I, for one, am proud to be a member of Bilyar.Net! And I am eagerly looking forward to the next get-together and the very first Team Bilyar.Net tournament! And I kid you not!

"The AnitoKid is a proud member of the Bilyar.Net family!"

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