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Pool Cues of Efren Bata Reyes! A Follow-Up Post!

Here is the follow-up post to the article on the pool cues used by Hall-of-Famer, Efren Bata Reyes, aka The Magician! Much thanks to my online friends who shared their thoughts about the billiard cues used by the Filipino pool player. Special thanks go to Aylwin Tan, Glen Capacio, and JoeyInCali who shared info about the topic at hand. They are very interesting info, friends! And I kid you not!

Aylwin Tan talked to pool cuemaker Ronnie Powell about the QP Cue, and more interesting info comes from JoeyInCali, who credits US-based Filipino cuemaker Joey Bautista with the quotes. Moreover, much thanks to JoeyInCali for the pics!

Efren Bata Reyes Pool Cues Image

QP Cue:

With regards to the QP cue, the pool cue was made by cuemaker Ronnie Powell and loaned it to Efren Bata Reyes on the understanding that World Pool Champion would use it to play in competition. According to Ronnie Powell, Efren Reyes normally takes one to two months to get used to a new cue fully but he could not find the time in between competitions to get accustomed to it, so apparently Efren has never used it in competition.

Update as of September 2008: My good friend, Aylwin Tan, has been informed by Ronnie Powell that Efren Reyes has been seen using the QP in different competitions since he took delivery of it. And lest I forget, the picture showing Ronnie Powell with Efren Reyes posing with the QP cue is owned by Ronnie Powell. Credits to the said picture go to Ronnie Powell.

Efren Bata Reyes Pool Cues Graphic

Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao
with Efren Bata Reyes' Judd cue

More on Efren’s pool cues:
(JoeyInCali crediting Joey Bautista with the quotes)

Efren Bata Reyes likes his cues' tip to be as high as his moustache. His Jessie cue seemed longer though - 61". His Judd cues have never been 60"; all 59" and none weighed near the Jessie cue. Efren Bata Reyes played with a JT-1. The Magician used it sparingly with the Jessie right after he quit using Meucci. In fact, when he ran that 9 racks on Busta at the World 9-Ball the year he won it (1999), he alternated the Jessie and Judd.

Efren Bata Reyes Billiard Cues Image
Efren Reyes' Linds Cue

Efren Bata Reyes Billiard Cues Graphic
The Linds Cue is now with JoeyInCali

Efren Bata Reyes Cues Image

Efren Reyes then started using his friend Alex Laoingco's fancy ebony with ivory points Judd ( but he used his older JT 1 shaft ) in 2004 iirc. Reyes won two Derby Classics with that cue, which he later sold to a very wealthy collector in Dubai. Efren also used a fancy Linds cue. JoeyInCali bought it from Efren and is now the proud owner of the cue. At this point in time, Efren Reyes is currently going back and forth with that Mezz and Judd.

Before Efren Reyes started using the famous Jessie cue, the Billiards Congress of America Hall of Famer played with another locally made cue. According to Rodolfo Luat, aka Boy Samson, it was made by a man named Boyet. Then in 1994, Efren Reyes won the US Open with the Jessie cue. And oh! Here is the trophy that Efren Bata Reyes won at the Gabriel's Open in Vegas in 2005. Efren Reyes gave the trophy to JoeyInCali.

Efren Bata Reyes Cues Graphic

2005 Grabriel's Open Trophy

More from JoeyInCali

What's not known by many is Efren Reyes and his manager, Rolando Vicente, one time had dinner with Gus Szamboti. Gus offered Reyes a cue and Efren turned it down. Efren also at one time had a GINACUE. Ernie told me this himself. Ernie told me this during a UPA event at the Bike Casino in 2005 ii. The one where Efren lost to Gabe Owen in the semis. Ernie told me the cue was stolen. I did some investigation and I won't mention who supposedly stole it and sold it in Japan.

Now, the Judd JT-1 pool cue:

What is so special about the JT-1? That is probably the cue he uses for the longest time. Nothing except Efren Reyes likes his cues wrapless. Or if it's wrapped, he likes it sprayed. I (JoeyinCalil) asked him one time why he likes it wrapless. Don't laugh. He showed me how lightly he holds the cue. He said if the cue was wrapped, he might hold it the way Americans do, tightly-held. Efren literally lets the cue slide off his crip hand when shooting.

Efren Reyes' road manager/best friend Alex Laoingco is a great friend of Judd Fuller. Judd Fuller used to live near Riverside, California where Alex lives. Judd was the one who retapered Efren's Meucci shaft. After Efren's contract with Meucci expired, Judd gave Efren that JT1. Efren has been offered cues by so many American cuemakers. Two claimed (and with photos) Efren used their cues. But, I (JoeyinCali) have yet to see Efren use them. Efren was talked into using a Mezz cue by Mika as far as I know. Charlie Williams tried having Efren use Predator shafts/cues. But, Efren has not used Pred as far as I know. It doesn't work for his backhand english style.

And what happened to the Judd JT-1 pool cue?

The Judd JT1 used by Efren Reyes is now with one of his kumpares. Efren gave the cue to Glen Capacio, who used to play professional basketball in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). “It is an honor to use the cue of the greatest poolplayer ever,” says Glen.

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..when can we see Efren in action newest videos in the internet?

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