Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hot G Vibe!

Hot G Vibe Image

With all the talk about integrating sex education in the curriculum, I decided to browse the Internet about the subject and all, without using my trust online tools. Imagine to my surprise when my search results brought me to one particular site – that of Hot G Vibe! What is particularly surprising about Hot G Vibe is the ton of sex toys that it offers, e.g., the cock ring and the vibrating cock ring. And I kid you not when I say that it’s my first time to hear about such! A further read revealed that the cock ring and vibrating cock ring features an ultra slim motor that releases a constant throbbing sensation designed to help one maintain an erection – a solid one!

Another 5-10 minute perusal of the site revealed why Hot G Vibe ranked well in the online searches – Hot G Vibe’s call and belief on safe sex practices! Yes, it advocates safe sex practices! With each purchase of its cock ring, online buyers will receive an additional premium grade latex condom that comes complete with instructions!


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