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Pool Cue for Sale! The Mezz Cue TA-3 Kunihiko Takahashi Pro Pool Cue!

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Pool players and fans, up for sale is my Mezz Cue TA-3 pool cue, the Kunihiko Takahashi Professional Model! This 19 oz (adjustable) pool cue features an ebony forearm with curly maple and ivorine points with abalone inlays surrounded by ebony. The butt is an exact reverse of the forearm. The wrap is solid black irish linen. And polished too! The Mezz Cue TA-3 also features sets of ebony and ivorine box rings surrounded by nickel silver. The joint is the Mezz United Joint. This cue comes with one Mezz Hybrid Pro II (United) shaft with Moori tip and free joint protectors.

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Mezz cues are built to the highest standards utilizing some of the finest materials from the world over! Cues from Mezz are made with a commitment to total quality control at each step of the way. The best materials are carefully crafted using both traditional and modern methods.

Mezz Cue for Sale ImageDesigns are unique and unforgettable, ranging from the simplest shapes to complex and intricate patterns. The United Joint is Mezz’s newest innovation in cue joint design and is touted as the most solid system available. It is said that the novel construction ensures precise butt shaft alignment every time, all the time. It reduces the shaft vibration after impact, thus, making it easier for you to control the ball.

Mezz Cue for Sale GraphicMezz cues are the number 1 cues made in Japan. In their price range, Mezz cues are some of the best cues in the world for their exceptional quality and playability. Each design has very limited quantity of cues. Mezz cues are not just great for playing - they are great for collection, too!

Mezz Cue for Sale ImageI changed the shaft, from the standard one that came along with the TA-3, to The Mezz Hybrid Pro II (United) shaft, which is the most expensive and technologically-advanced shaft currently offered by Mezz Cues. The Hybrid Pro II shaft is made from the marrying of carbon fibre and hard maple, resulting in a shaft 30% stronger than conventional shafts without sacrificing the flexibility of the shaft. Like most high-ended shafts are, notwithstanding custom shafts, it is a low deflection shaft. Thus, it's like having an added bonus to this great buy!

Mezz Cue for Sale ImageThis particular pool cue for sale, Mezz Cue TA-3 - Kunihiko Takahashi Pro Model, is slightly used and is in very good condition. No dings, pings, or what have yous! I have used it for about 5 weeks before I stored it in my pool cue collection room - that is, after getting my Bebot Bautista custom cue! :) The Mezz Cue TA-3 plays great! And lucky, too! It was the cue that I used when i won one of my biggest money matches in the metro - and against one very good opponent to boot! My friends and all know how much I'm into pool cues and exotic woods. Most of my pool cues are in the high-end range, and let me tell you this, this one is one of the top-of-line cues offered by Mezz Cues! No kidding!

Mezz Cue for Sale GraphicThe reason why I'm selling my Mezz Cue TA-3? I'm going to use the money for another custom pool cue. Period. No nothing. Nada. It's just that. Plain and simple. This is a very fine piece of pool equipment friends! You have my word on that! It's The AnitoKid Guarantee!

The Hybrid Pro II shaft is made from the marrying of carbon fibre and hard maple, resulting in a shaft 30% stronger than conventional shafts without sacrificing the flexibility of the shaft. Yes, the Hybrid Pro II is the top-of-the-line shaft currently offered by Mezz Cue! Check out their official site for yourself, friends!

Mezz Cue for Sale ImageMy apologies for the fuzziness of the pics! Took them using a mobile phone camera. Believe you me, this pool cue for sale is a great buy! It's looks brand new! The Mezz Cue TA-3, which is one of Mezz Cues' high-end pool cues, currently has a list price of $1580! And how much am I selling it? Take a guess! I'm selling it at half the price y'all! Yes, you heard it right! I'm selling my slightly used, and in very good condition, Mezz Cue TA-3 pool cue for just $750 (Php30,700!) What! That can't be right? Yes, it is true! Asking price is just $750! The new owner of this TA-3 is going to be one happy 'ombre! It goes without saying that serious offers will be seriously considered. And I kid you not!

Links on the Mezz Cue TA-3 pool cue for sale are at (see Link 10!!!)

CUE SOLD - 01-13-08

"The AnitoKid loves high-end cues!"

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Anonymous said...


hi, not sure if anyone of you have dealt with Leslie aka AnitoKid yet but i got this idea about posting deals gone either good and bad. so lemme get the ball rolling.

i just received my Mezz TA3 pool cue from AnitoKid and it was exactly as described and dealing with him was very easy even though i had a couple of problem on my part from paypal, he accomodated me throughout the entire process and as such, i would highly recommend him as a class A seller for not only his understanding but also his prompt communication via both email and PMs

thanks again for the cue!



THE ANiTOKiD said...

Much thanks for the kind words and this great testimonial, my friend!
Maraming, maraming, maraming, maraming salamat kaibigan!


Anonymous said...


good good .. i believe more people will consider buying cues from anitokid .. Cheers =)



THE ANiTOKiD said...

Much thanks for the kind support that you, the forum members, the forum administrators, and Predator85 have shown me and my site! Will always love pool and everything related to it - that's a promise!

All I really have in this world is my word and my reputation. Will constantly strive to meet all your expectations dear friends for after all is said and done, we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Again, much thanks to everyone! All the best from the Philippines to Singapore and to the rest of the world! Mabuhay!


Anonymous said...





Unknown said...

so i s the stick is sold??

It's always a runout at The Runout TV!