Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pool Cue Case for Sale! 2x4 Case in Very Good Condition!

Pool Cue Case GraphicPool players, fans, and friends: Up for sale is my 2x4 pool cue case. The pool cue case is used but is good as new! It proudly displays some of my colors - clubs and associations, pool cue, and pool halls that I frequent. I just upgraded to an Instroke 2x4 Cowboy pool cue case, thus, this case needs a new home.

Pool Cue Case ImageThe pool cue case is good as new! It has never been dropped.
No dings and blings. It's a very nice cue case!

Pool Cue Case GraphicThe zippers are perfect!
And check out those stainless steel pegs at the bottom!

Pool Cue Case ImageThe back of the 2x4 pool cue case feature more of my colors!
The strap has never been used!
I carry the cue case using the side handle.

Pool Cue Case GraphicThe grip on the side is made of heavy-duty rubber!

Pool Cue Case ImageThey key chains and name tags are not included in the sale. :)

Pool Cue Case GraphicThe side proudly displays more colors!

Pool Cue Case ImageCheck out the heavy-duty rubber grip!
And oh! The 2x4 pool cue case features
an easy access jump cue handle pouch!

Pool Cue Case GraphicThose are industrial-strength steel rivets!

Pool Cue Case ImageThe inside of the pool cue case features a 2x4 compartment. Butts and shafts may be stored joint up or down. The 2x4 pool cue case is one good find, friends. It is a great buy at $100. Yes, asking is just $100! It is good as new! And I kid you not! For additional info or queries, please send them to or call/text +63 929 871 7474 (0929-871-7474).

Update: Cue Case Sold!

"The AnitoKid loves beautiful cue cases."

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Anonymous said...

hola anitokid... julius here... i had approved your facebook request to join the group (Pool & Billiards Lover in Sydney) and i also made a request to add you as my friend in facebook...

haha... i wanna ask you, is it possible for me to have the sticker of Puyat Sports or Logo, so i can put on my cue case.... i really want it so bad for long time... can you help me about this ?

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Let me see what I can do for you, bro.


Anonymous said...

yoo my bro.... how are you ?

so, do you think you can send me one or two of the Puyat Sports Logo stickers, so i can put it on my cue case ?

hahahah... happy new year brother...

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Ill try my very best, bro!
And I kid you not!


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