Sunday, February 10, 2008

We Miss You, Manuel!

Filipino Pool Player Boyong Jorge GraphicBOYONG JORGE
2nd Runner-Up, Super O Class
15-Ball Tournament, September 2007
with Ted Castro and Carlito "Vice" de Castro

One of my best buddies at the Makati Pool Players Association, Filipino pool player Boyong Jorge, sends hi's and hello's to his brother, Manuel Jorge! Manuel Jorge is currently residing in Los Angeles, California, and is just yearning to get back to the Philippines!

Hey Manuel! We'd love to have you back here and all - but work is work! Boyong is all praises about you, kabayan! Sa totoo lang, mahal na mahal ka ng kapatid mo! Your sibling loves you very much!
And I kid you not! Don't worry about a thing! We are taking good care of Boyong. Boyong is safe, very safe, with us here at MAPPA! Ang tanong, safe naman ba kami sa kanya? Yun lang! :)

From The AnitoKid:

Hope to meet you personally someday, Manuel! I wish you well, kabayan! And the best of luck to you and all your endeavors in the land of milk and honey! Please give my best regards to all our kababayans in L.A.! Keep the faith and live the dream, brother!

"The AnitoKid sends his love to Los Angeles!"

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