Sunday, February 3, 2008

Predator Sneaky Pete Pool Cue for Sale!

Predator Sneaky Pete Pool Cue for Sale ImageFellow pool players and fans - up for sale is my Predator SP8RW pool cue! My Predator SP8RW is brand new, never been used, and never chalked for test hits! No kidding! Outstounding performance and brilliant design characterize this Predator Sneaky Pete, friends! The Predator SP8RW pool cue features full 8-Point Splice with bubinga accents, natural and red point trim, wood joint 3142 shaft. This pool cue for sale is perfect in every way! Wow!

Predator Sneaky Pete Pool Cue for Sale ImagePredator Sneaky Pete Pool Cue for Sale GraphicThe 3142 shaft is of standard shaft length 29" with an Everest tip by Tiger Products. And oh! This 19 oz Predator Sneaky Pete comes with a Uni-Loc joint and wood-to-wood finish!

Predator Sneaky Pete Cue for Sale GraphicPredator Sneaky Pete Cue for Sale Graphic
Predator Sneaky Petes are made with a traditional full splice of South American Rosewood and white Birdseye maple. The Predator SP8RW is accented by a red 8-point trim. It is one beautiful cue! And I kid you not!

Predator Sneaky Pete Pool Cue for Sale Graphic
Predator SP8RW is a great buy at $550! It is a best buy indeed! Asking is only $550! And if you're in the Philippines, you'll be saving a ton of money from shipping fees and taxes! And it's a great find! Again, the pool cue for sale is brand new! It has never been used, never been chalked, and never test hit! Payments can be made via PayPal, bank deposit, or C.O.D. For additional info or queries, please send them to or call/text +63 918 264 4445 (0918-264-4445).

"The AnitoKid loves sneaky petes!"

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Anonymous said...

Great cue, great blog. I just love playing billiards!


THE ANiTOKiD said...

Much thanks for the kind words, my friend!


Anonymous said...

Could you please explain the feud behind the two recent pool tournaments in Manila (Manny Villar Cup and Mandaluyong Mayor's Cup)? Thank you.

ilanlar Caddesi said...

I like it

ilanlar caddesi said...

Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

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