Thursday, August 7, 2008

DMC & DMC Philippines: Jesse Gonzales aka Jesse Cambosa at the Helm!

DMC World DJ Championships GraphicI have received more than a dozen emails requesting information about DMC or DISCO MIX CLUB from both billiards buddies and pool players. Not known to disappoint, here is my take on DMC and DMC Philippines! Enjoy!

In a nutshell, DMC is a prestigious international organization of radio, discotheques and disc jockeys, mobile groups, composers, remixers, and music enthusiasts. Originating in the United Kingdom, DMC now reaches almost 50 countries, e.g., the United States, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Canada, Brazil, Denmark, Japan, China, Malaysia, and the pool capital of the world – the Philippines!

DMC was formed in early 1983 and currently carries a membership of almost 100,000 members! The club promotes camaraderie among DJs - uplifting their status and giving due recognition to the field. DMC also introduces neophytes (the new breed of turntablists) to the world of mixing and music. Moreover, this great organization provides DJs mixes that they could not produce otherwise. It releases a monthly set of records and CDs remixed by internationally known DJs and remixers, including must-read music magazine updates.

Each year, DMC launches The World DJ Mixing Championships wherein each member country sends its representative to compete with other international disc jockeys and vie for the holy grail of turntablism – the WORLD DJ CHAMPION title! And for 18 solid years, DMC Philippines has organized, directed, and produced the Philippine DJ Mixing Championships, bringing the country’s finest talents to the international DJing stage and putting the Philippines on the turntablism map of the world!

Jesse Gonzales Graphic

And just who is DMC’s Philippine franchise holder? It’s none other than my good friend, Jesse Cambosa aka Jesse Gonzales! Jesse Cambosa, one of the true pillars of the Philippine broadcasting, media, and entertainment industry, has held the much-coveted DMC franchise since 1990! That’s almost two decades of non-stop music excitement!

Make no mistake about it, to learn the art of turntablism is one thing, to develop a winning set is another! But to bring it to thousands of fans and make it into one electrifying and unforgettable competition year after year after year takes a special breed of a man – a man known to many as Jesse Gonzales! Jesse Gonzales aka Jesse Cambosa is not just the ultimate clubber; he could be very well be the Philippinesmost famous man of music! And I kid you not!

Kudos to DMC, DMC Philippines, and Jesse Gonzales! Here’s looking forward to years of unforgettable music and uber mixes from our collaboration – The AnitoKid’s very first media partnership and sponsorship! For truth be told, IT IS one historic alliance signed, sealed, and delivered between the Ultimate Clubber and the Ultimate Blogger!

"The AnitoKid loves DMC Philippines!"

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