Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pat Diveney Pool Cue: Curly Maple with Lizard Wrap! One Cool Birthday Gift!

Pat Diveney Curly Maple Pool Cue GraphicBilliards friends, pool players, and fans of the cuesport, check this cool birthday gift I got from my good friend, Pat Diveney - a stunningly beautiful curly maple pool cue with lizard wrap! Yes, that is Pat's signature right there, everyone!

Pat Diveney Curly Maple Pool Cue ImageJust look at that gorgeous lizard wrap! This beautiful creation from Pat Diveney came with adjustable weight bolts, joint protectors, and two shafts! It integrated a G10 radial pin that connects to the shaft via a true wood-to-wood finish! My Diveney pool cue came together with Filipino pool player Rodolfo Luat's pool cues and shafts via USPS.

Diveney Curly Maple Pool Cue GraphicTruth be told, my good friend, Rodolfo Luat, aka Boy Samson, was very impressed with my pool cue. Rudy highlighted to me the two shafts that came along with my pool cue. You see, Pat really took the time to select the woods he used for my pool cue. And the two 12.75 mm shafts of my Diveney are Triple-A, rock hard maple with grains so tight that everyone at the AMF-Puyat Superbowl noticed them! And I kid you not!

Diveney Curly Maple Pool Cue ImageCheck out those curls!
I could only think of one word to describe it - STUNNING!

Pat Diveney Curly Maple Pool Cue GraphicMy Pat Diveney pool cue came with its own set of joint protectors, too! And guess what, Pat sent me an email promising to make me a custom set of wood joint protectors soon! Wow! Talk about one cool birthday present from one cool guy!

Pat Diveney Curly Maple Pool Cue ImageTo Pat: Allow me to take this opportunity to thank you again for this wonderful surprise! I will always treasure this token of friendship. It will always be one of my favorite pool cues! I give you my word that I will never sell it! Never! Ever!

And more thank you's for your wonderful thoughts and insights on billiards, business, family, and more! They inspire me everyday! Your views serve as one of my guides in my quest of realizing my dream in the sport that we all love - immortality!

I look forward to the day that you and your family will visit my beautiful country, and allow me to show my appreciation for the friendship and love that you have extended to me across the miles. Again, thank you very much for his wonderful gift, my friend! Maraming, maraming, maraming, maraming salamat po!

"The AnitoKid loves Diveney Cues!"

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