Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Poison AR2 Pool Cue: Classic Styling With State-of-the-Art Playability from Predator Cues!

Poison Billiards GraphicBilliards buddies, pool players, and fans of the cuesport, check out my cool Poison AR2 pool cue from Poison Billiards! The Poison AR2 pool cue is part of Poison Billiards’ Arsenic series. Touted as the pool cue series for the old school style player with a state of the art game, my very beautiful 58”, 19-oz Poison AR2 pool cue features brownwood forearm and sleeve with carved curly maple inlays, a Uni-Loc Bullet joint, a 3-ring steel butt cap, and get this, a weaved genuine leather grip! I absolutely adore the look and soft feel of the AR2’s weaved leather grip! Very, very, very nice, indeed!

Poison AR2 Pool Cue Graphic

My Poison AR2 pool cue came with a 13-mm Poison Venom sha
ft, a 29” pro-taper shaft with a 0.6” ferrule. The Poison Venom pool cue shaft features double density technology designed to improve accuracy and maintain optimum stiffness with two different densities of wood! The Venom shaft is crowned with the exclusive Sarin tip. What is particularly interesting about the Sarin tip is that it is composed of eight distinct layers! When the first five blue layers are worn down, the bottom three red layers will let you know that it is time to replace the tip! Now, why hasn’t somebody thought of this before!

Poison AR2 Pool Cue Image

I played with the Poison AR2 for about two whole weeks and let my other billiards buddies take a crack at it. I chose 4 pool friends from 4 of the 7 billiards clubs that I play at and gave each pal 2 whole days to play with my AR2. Why so? For starters, I sincerely believe in the adage of counting one’s blessings. I want my billiards buddies, who are r
eally fanatics and all when it comes to billiards and pool cues, to experience the joy of testing and evaluating a new pool cue! Moreover, I don’t want any accusations of being biased and all!

Poison AR2 Pool Cue Graphic

And truth be told, my billiards buddies actually did not want to return the Poison AR2, and asked if they could keep it for themselves and all! And I kid you not! Me and my pals had the same opinion on the Poison AR2 pool cue – that it is just an awesome pool cue to shoot with! The AR2’s gleaming barstool chrome butt cap significantly enhances the beauty of this gorgeous pool cue! Talagang maganda! And the curving inlays compliment well the round, smooth edges and classic solid heft of brown woods that give the Poison AR2 its distinct retro look!

Poison AR2 Pool Cue Graphic

Not only is the Poison AR2 one beautiful pool cue, its playability is A-OK in my book! And believe you me, I have one thick book! The hit of the Poison AR2, with the Venom shaft crowned with a Sarin tip, is solid, defined, and precise! No whippy feel whatsoever! And yes, it generates a ton of spin! Thus, draws and follows are a breeze with the Poison AR2 pool cue!

For those who want a good performing pool cue without having to pay too much, go for the classic styling with state-of-the-art playability that comes with the Poison AR2 pool cue. I give you my word that you will not be disappointed! Play with confidence! Play with a Poison AR2!

Antonio Gabica with Poison AR2 Pool Cue Graphic

My good friend, Antonio Gabica, with my Poison AR2

*And here’s a little trivia for all! For those not in the know, the Poison cues where released about 8 months ago and are doing very well in many markets. A lot of people have expressed queries on who actually made these cues. And here is the answer – Poison cues are engineered by the Predator group! Yes, you’ve read right, friends – Poison Cues are engineered by no less than
Predator Cues – manufacturer of the best pool cues in the world!

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