Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kelly Fisher Wins Over Iris Ranola in WPBA US 9-Ball Open!

Kelly Fisher GraphicCongratulations to Kelly Fisher for winning the Women’s Professional Billiard Association (WPBA) U.S. 9-Ball Open Championship! Kelly Fisher won the coveted championship over Filipino pool player Iris Ranola.

Here is a brief of the 9-ball finals match, friends!

Kelly Fisher: 7 – Iris Ranola: 1

Iris Ranola misses the 7 ball, Kelly Fisher takes the first game.
Ranola attempts a thin cut on 3 misses, Fisher runs out.
Kelly breaks and runs out.
Iris and Kelly both miss the 5 ball but Kelly emerges with the game.
Kelly Fisher breaks and runs for the 2nd game in the match.
Iris Ranola answers with her own break and run and gets on the board.
Fisher runs out after Ranola scratches off a kick shot - Kelly's on the hill.
Kelly wins the 2008 WPBA US Open 9-ball Championships!

And here is an expanded version of the update of the WPBA Finals held at the Riverwind Casino! It’s from Anne Craig of the WPBA! Much thanks to WPBA and Anne Craig for the info! And more thanks to AZBilliards for the picture!

The new #1 ranked WPBA player, Kelly Fisher, faces off with newcomer Iris Ranola in the finals of the 2008 WPBA US Open 9 Ball Championships. Iris is no stranger to championships, having won the Philippine’s Women 9 Ball Championships.

Kelly won the lag and broke, making 2 balls and having an open shot on the 2 in the opening game. She confidently strode around the table, sinking each ball until the 6, where she left herself awkwardly and attempted a safety that failed miserably leaving Iris an open shot, although not an easy one. Iris made the ball and had a tough long cut on the 7 to come around for the 9, which to her dismay rattled in the pocket. Kelly quickly made her way to the table and finished off the 7/9 to take game 1.

Iris broke but didn’t make a ball, and a safety battle began on both the 1 and the 2 ball. Kelly finally had an open shot but it was a long straight in ball that she missed, leaving Iris a side pocket cut that went in. Iris then sank a 3/8 combination but didn’t get rewarded for a good shot and the 3 rolled up behind the 9. Iris took her extension for the game and tried to thin cut the 3 into the side (she could see just a small bit of it) but just barely missed, leaving Kelly another open shot to begin running out. Kelly made a great stroke shot to get from the 5 to the 7 and finished off the 9 to take game 2.

The break alternated back to Kelly and she made a ball with the 1 wide open to start game 3. The 5/7 was tied up as Kelly looked to break them up off the 4, and showing that she’s in her zone, executed the shot perfectly with position on the 5. As Iris calmly looked on, Kelly continued her run out, and just like that the score was 3-0.

Iris broke solidly, making the 3 ball. The tricky shot was from the 1 to the 2, as the 2 was sitting below the 6/8/9. She nicked the 8 ball in the way of the 2, leaving a combination shot that she successfully pocketed. Staying calm, she made a beautifully delicate cut shot on the 4 to get back in line for the 5 ball. Her nerves may have gotten the better of her though as she missed the 5, overcutting it and sending it down table.

Kelly uncharacteristically also missed, but left the 5 sitting in front of the 7, blocking the way to the corner pocket. Iris had already used her extension in this game and was forced to hurry up and shoot a haphazard combination, missing it and leaving the 5 wide open. Kelly would not miss twice in the same rack and ran out to take a 4-0 lead.

Iris showed no emotion as she watched Kelly break and make the 7 ball. The key shots would be the 1 to the 2 to the 3. She chose to leave herself longer shots instead of forcing the position play, carefully pocketing each ball but slowly bringing her cue back in line. The toughest shot would prove to be the 5 to the 6 as she ended up perfectly straight on the 5. Without batting an eyelash she drew the cue ball back for the 6 in the side, then the 8 & 9 to go up 5-0.

With the break and desperately wanting to get on the board, Iris stepped up and made the 7 ball and steadfastly began running her rack. This would be a test of her inner strength as anyone who has been down 5 games to none can attest, it’s not easy to keep one’s focus without getting down on oneself. But calm she remained and answered Kelly’s break and run with one of her own to finally get on the board 1-5.

Kelly, needing only 2 games for the Championships, made the 3 ball on her break but needed to play a safety on the 1. Sidling the cue ball up onto the 2, Kelly sat down and watched as Iris did hit the ball, leaving no shot for Kelly and we were into another safety battle. After Iris flinched first, Kelly got ball in hand to start navigating position for each ball and with an eye towards the final prize, reached the hill 6-1. The crowd could sense the inevitability of the outcome, although one can never count out a tough competitor such as Iris.

Iris broke, made nothing, and Kelly ended up scratching on the 2 ball, giving Iris ball in hand. After making the 2 ball, Iris missed the 3, and Kelly stepped up looking to make 4 balls for the championships. She confidently made them and took the Title and the #1 spot.

Congratulations to Iris Ranola for a fantastic run to the finals! 'Twas all heart from the Fighting Iris! And congratulations to Kelly Fisher for taking the 2008 WPBA US Open 9 Ball Championships! Indeed, it was a very impressive show of pool talent! Mabuhay!

"The Anitokid supports the WPBA!"

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