Friday, August 1, 2008

Wake N Skate: Awesome Wakeboarding Website!

Wake N Skate Boardshop GraphicMy billiards buddy, Charisse San Ramon, asked me to help her out search for sites on wakeboarding and wakeboarding products. You see, Charisse wants to take up wakeboarding in the future and wanted to know more about it, with emphasis on the products used. Armed with my ever reliable search tools and all, I browsed the World Wide Web information retrieval system and landed on the Wakenskate Website Review.

For those not in the know, Wakenskate opened its doors in 2002 at Bridgewater Plaza on Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. It was one of four businesses Gary Ellis owned at the time. Ellis was a former Coke executive and moved to Smith Mountain Lake to get away from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. And believe it or not, Wake N Skate produced a men's junior national champion, Brian Reeder, in just a few short years! Brian Reeder is one of the largest semi-pro wakeboard teams, a prominent east coast wake tournament and a profitable wakeboard business if I may add.

Today, Wakenskate is more than a shop about wakeboards and wakeboarding – it is a scene and way of life! Wakenskate aims to provide customers with the best price for wakeboard products they really need and want. Truth be told, the Wakenskate staff uses the products it sells as a demonstration of the confidence they have in the site’s inventory – further guaranteeing buyer satisfaction!

Wakenskate offers everything from gear, clothing, video, and team competitions! These include the Liquid Force Vantage Open Toe Wakeboard Bindings, the Hyperlite Marek Wakeboard, the CWB Pure with Vapor Hinge Wakeboard Combo, the immensely popular 2008 Byerly Legacy Wakeskate, and more!

And in case one is not completely satisfied with the products brought at Wakenskate, no worries! Wakenskate has one great policy – just return the unopened and unused merchandise within one year for a full refund or exchange! Yes, you’ve read right, friends – it’s a full year guarantee! And I kid you not!


Cha said...

Hello Papa Les!!! =D nice seeing you again!

I'd take your notes and check out those info for future wakeboarding plans. nice!

THE ANiTOKiD said...

And the great evening turned into a great one with your presence, Cha!
And I kid you not!

Much thanks for the kind words about the post and all!

Truth be told, you're the best!


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