Friday, August 1, 2008

LifeLock Reviews: Great Feedback!

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection GraphicDax Dizon, a billiards pal, sent me thank you messages for the posts I did on Dax highlighted the different stories about identity theft or data breaches and was glad to know about the LifeLock reviews found on the Internet computer network, which gave him a good glimpse on the strengths of LifeLock’s identity theft protection service.

Some of the identity theft stories noted by my pool player friend include medical data breaches affecting celebrities Britney Spears, Farrah Fawcett, and California first lady Marie Shriver, ATM personal identification numbers, computer passwords, the IRS’ electronic transmission of Economic Stimulus Payments with Social Security numbers to wrong bank accounts, etc.

And for those in the know, identity theft will definitely ruin one’s credit and all, including relationships! How so? For starters, one will fight with their spouse about who is to blame. And as everyone knows, financial stress is the most common cause of divorce! Need I say more? It definitely is time for LifeLock!

For one’s absolute peace of mind, browse and find out how it can protect you from identity theft! Learn how to sign up and read about some of the new features that it has in store for everyone! Truth be told, LifeLock, America’s number one identity theft protection program, will guarantee one’s identity for up to $1 million! And I kid you not!


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