Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Life Lock & The LifeLock Reviews: The RD32 Promo Code!

LifeLock GraphicMy blogposts on Life Lock and the LifeLock reviews continue to receive waves upon waves of feedback via email and SMS messages from my billiards buddies. Even friends in high-profile government positions want more information on LifeLock’s identity theft protection service! Who can blame them? In this day and age, identity theft protection is a must! And I kid you not!

One particular email stood out from those I received today. It pertains to queries about the LifeLock promotion code RD32. Well, for starters, the LifeLock promotion code RD32 allows new customers and clients to receive significant discounts when they avail of the LifeLock identity theft protection program. The LifeLock promotion code RD32 will automatically be tagged in one’s enrollment application. The RD32 promo code also features a 30-day free trial coupled with a very low rate of $9/month! Truth be told, that’s a great way of testing the LifeLock service! But wait, there’s more! When one signs up as a LifeLock customer, they will also receive the new WalletLock service at absolutely no cost! Yes, friends – for free! That is a ton of savings in anyone’s book, friends!

To cap it all, LifeLock, identity theft prevention program guarantees one’s identity up to $1,000,000! And with the LifeLock promotion code RD32, there is absolutely no more excuse – none whatsoever - not to get one! With all the news about identity thefts, it really makes sense to have LifeLock!


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