Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Francisco Django Bustamante in 2008 Predator World 14.1 Straightpool Championships!

Francisco Django Bustamante GraphicFilipino pool player Francisco Django Bustamante, Ignacio Chavez, Alan Rolon, Carmen Lombardo, John Rousseau, and Earl Herring have replaced some of the top names in 2008 Predator World 14.1 Straightpool Championships being held at the Hilton East Brunswick, NJ, from August 25 to 30, 2008.

The pool capital of the world, the Philippines, has sent their lone soldier, Francisco Bustamante of Puyat Sports. And truth be told, it is a good one! Bustamante will be making his international debut in 14.1 against Ralf Souquet at 11:00 AM on the second day of the competition. As everyone knows, Django has established himself on a level even higher than just a top professional pool player in the eyes of some of today's best players – and is one of the sport’s most feared players! And I kid you not!

For those not in the know, Francisco Django Bustamante played a little bit of straight pool when he made Germany his home for some years. And yes, this is his first time in a big tournament, friends! It goes without saying that the pool capital of the world will be rooting for one of its favorite sons as the whole world watches!

The 2008 Predator World 14.1 Straight Pool Championships is proudly sponsored by Dr. Michael Fedak, Joel Schapiro, Diamond Billiard Products, Aramith Balls, Simonis Cloth, and The Predator Group, maker of the finest pool cues in the world!

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kegler747 said...

I always love watching this kind of shot from Django... I sometimes imitate it when playing billiards :)

THE ANiTOKiD said...

One of Django's signature moves, indeed, bro!

All the best!


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