Friday, May 2, 2008

Ralf Souquet Wins the 2008 Damas World 8-Ball Championship!

Ralf Souquet Graphic

My ISP provider, Destiny, just upgraded its system, thus, my Internet connection was slow – or none at all – for the past 5-7 days. But it’s all systems go now and it’s uber-geeky faster this time! And I kid you not! But that isn’t what this post is all about! Enough of the ISP thing! I didn’t forget, friends! Though a bit late and all, here is my congratulatory post for The Kaiser, Ralf Souquet, who won over Filipino pool player Ronnie Alcano with a 13-9 score to take the 2008 Damas World 8-Ball Championship! Congratulations Ralf! Mabuhay!

Ralf Souquet & Ronnie Alcano Image

From AzBilliards:

With a 13-9 win over Ronnie Alcano, Ralf Souquet is the winner of the 2008 Damas World 8-Ball Championship.

Souquet took advantage of two dry breaks from Alcano and raced to a quick 3-0 lead. Souquet stretched his lead to five racks at 8-3, but Alcano got back to the table after a dry break from Souquet in rack 12 to run that rack and then broke and ran the next rack to get back to 8-5. After a break and run by Souquet in rack 14, Alcano mounted a comeback to climb back within one rack at 9-8.

Souquet broke dry in rack 18, but Alcano was unable to finish off the rack and Souquet moved ahead 10-8. Alcano broke and ran the next rack to get back within one rack, but Souquet answered with a break and run in rack 20 to once again take a 2 rack lead.

Alcano looked ready to get back within one rack again in rack 21, but a miss on the 8-ball was his final mistake and Souquet ran that rack and then broke and ran the next rack for the tournament win.

The win was revenge of sorts for Souquet, who lost to Alcano two years ago in the finals of the World 9-Ball Championship in Manila. The win was worth $60,000 for Souquet, while Alcano settled for $20,000 in second place prize money.

*Much thanks to my online buddy and kababayan,
Observer aka Gopi-1,
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Maraming salamat, kaibigan!

"The Anitokid loves 8-ball!"

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