Friday, May 2, 2008

The 4th Annual Korea Pro Pool Tour Championships!

Pool players from around the world once again arrived to take part in one of Korea's premiere billiards events, The 4th Annual Korea Pro Pool Tour Championships. Most of the top seeds went through Day 1 unchallenged, with the exception of Japan's Syo Tsuken, who dealt a 9-1 blow to Filipino pool player Carlo Biado. The PhilippinesRicky Zerna also suffered a defeat in the hands of Korea's #2 Ha Min Wuk. The only woman in the men's division, Yu Ram Cha, trounced Japan's Y. Takagi with a 9-2 finish.

Korea Pro Pool Tour Championships Graphic
A number of countries is represented in the KPT Championships, e.g., Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Germany, USA, Guam, India, Brazil, Korea, and the Philippines. Favorites in the men's division of the billiards competition include the defending champion of the event - #1 seed Charlie Williams, 2007 runner up and #3 seed - Ricky Zerna of the Philippines, #5 seed Thorsten Hohmann of Germany, #7 seed Carlo Biado (Philippines), #9 seed Goh Takami (Japan), #10 seed Mike Davis (USA), and #12 seed Raj Hundal (Indonesia). Favorites from Korea include #1 Young Hwa Jeong, #4 Hee Chul Kim, and now New York City bi-coastal Shin Yong "Godzilla" Park.

Korea Pro Pool Tour Championships Image

Japan's Kaori Ebe and Mika Muneta

The KPT Championships’ women's division is also beaming with world class talent in the persons of defending Champion and World 9-Ball Championship quarter-finalist Yun Mi Lim, Korea #2 Eun Ji Park, and 2006 Korea Pro Tour Champion Yu Ram Cha. The top favorite in the KPT Championships is Taiwan's Yuan Chun Lin, who is the current World 9-Ball Champion and winner of the All Japan Championship in 2007. Other top guns are Japan’s Mika Muneta and 2004 Korea International Champion Akio Otani, Malaysia’s Ester Yee and Suhana Sabtu, Guam's Shanelle Loraine, USA's Tina Meraglio, Brazil’s Luciene Vieira of Brazil, and Taiwan’s Chieh Yu Chou, who tied for 5th at the World 9-Ball.

The 4th Annual Korea Pro Pool Tour Championships is hosted by Novotel Doksan in partnership with Dragon Promotions under the able leadership of Novotel Doksan GM Rodney Trutwein. Sponsors include MBC ESPN, Ra Beauty Core Salons, Novotel Doksan, Min Tables, Vigma Balls, Poison Cues, and Predator Cues.

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