Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 2: 4th Annual Korea Pro Pool Tour Championships

The top seeds continue on through Day 2 of the 4th Annual Korea Pro Pool Tour Championships. Defending Champion Charlie Williams USA moved on to the Final 16 with his 9-6 win over Korea #6 Jin Hyuk Han. Japan's Syo Tsuken continued his domination with 9-5 win over Korea #3 Woong Dae Kim. Jundel Mazon PHI is looking to improve his last 5th place performance in Korea as he progresses to the Final 16.

Raj Hundal ImageRaj Hundal, who recently gained citzenship in India, is playing for the first time under the banner of India. Hundal won a nail biter 9-8 over Korea #4 Min Hu Baek to advance to the Final 16. "It does feel a little strange to hear and see India by my name on the chart and announcements. But I like it. I plan on playing in more events in Asia and all the Dragon Promotions events in Korea. I want to represent India more and more on a global scale." says Hundal, who is former #1 in England and played for Europe in the Mosconi Cup.

Thorsten Hohmann GER dropped his match to Goh Takami JPN 9-7 after Takami made an amazing 3 rail kick shot. This was the second time they had played and second loss to Hohmann. "I saw him measuring it, and it was a super hard shot. He made it, and he meant to do it. It was an Efren shot." commended the classy Hohmann after his loss. Hohmann bounced back with a 9-2 win over 18 year old Korean sensation Kang Lee to advance to the Final 16.

Hiroshi Takenaka JPN , coming in as #11 seed, looked nervous with his 9-6 win over Korea women's champ Yu Ram Cha. Mark Mendoza of PHI won a close call 9-7 over Japanese junior champ Hayato Hijikata 9-7 but lost to Korea's #1 Young Hwa Jeong. #7 seed Mike Davis USA forfeited his match to Y. Cha KOR earlier as he was on route still from the UPA Phoenix event. Davis luckily received a bye on the loser's side and will start off his match on his arrival in Korea this evening.

The women's division showed no surprises as Korea #2 Eun Ji Park defeated Brazil's Luciene Vieira 7-1 and then Japan's Mika Muneta 7-4. Korea #1 Yun Mi Lim in turn defeated Park. Yu Ram Cha knocked out both Malaysians Ester Yee 7-2 and Suhana Sabtu 7-5 while Taiwan's monster duet Chieh Yu Chou and Yuan Chun Lin have had no problems with Chou defeating back to back top Japanese pros K. Yukawa 7-5, Akio Ohtani 7-4, and then Korea's Lim 7-4. World 9-Ball Champion Lin cruised though G.Y. Lee KOR 7-2, Bora Jung KOR 7-4, and then Yu Ram Cha 7-4.

The 4th Annual Korea Pro Pool Tour Championships is sponsored by MBC ESPN, Ra Beauty Core Salons, Novotel Doksan, Poison Cues, and Predator Cues. The official equipment used are Min Tables and Vigma Balls.

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