Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nouveau Riche: Most Promising New Ventures for American Entrepreneurs!

CNN Money GraphicHere is an interesting CNN Money article about Nouveau Riche, featuring 12 of the most promising new ventures for American entrepreneurs. And I kid you not! A few of these ventures focus on individuals who are now considered Nouveau Riche (new rich) because of their entrepreneurial ideas. The information came direct from Nouveau Riche University, a firm that has helped people become Nouveau Riche! Want more information about Nouveau Riche University? Click here, friends

The article, Planet Startup, highlights a dozen of the most promising new ventures for American entrepreneurs. As everyone knows, American investment in overseas businesses has nearly doubled since 2002. And this is evident from the stories featured in the article describing lucrative ventures in unlikely places. The Nouveau Riche ventures featured include information on seed capital, risk level, and venture description.

These include ventures related to building cheap Wi-Fi networks for resorts in Brazil (Wireless Networks); Imperium Renewables’ biodiesel production in Argentina; Mads’ creation of an advertising network for India's mobile content developers; Hive7’s debut of an exclusive social network for Russian millionaires; Josh Pollock’s opening of an American-style restaurant in China; selling services, e.g., home remodeling, that piggyback on China’s booming retail trend; flipping mining claims in Bolivia, which holds known gold reserves estimated to be at least 3 million troy ounces, worth about $2 billion; exporting wines from Greece; importing fine wines to upscale restaurants in India; exporting gourmet coffee from Rwanda; Khayelitsha Cookie Co.’s decision to become a social entrepreneur in South Africa; and last, but definitely not the least, investing in Libya, the North African country with which the United States restored diplomatic relations.


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