Friday, May 30, 2008

Gamblers Lodge: An Online Casino Gambling Guide!

Gamblers Lodge ImageI just received an email from Leamar Infante, a billiards buddy and all. Leamar Infante included a link for me to check out. She wanted to know my thoughts about Gamblers Lodge, which is an online casino gambling guide. Gamblers Lodge touts itself as one of the older online casino portals on the World Wide Web. Apparently, Gamblers Lodge has been offering online players honest reviews of online casinos since their debut in 2002. The online casino gambling guide also offers information on the casino selection process, including rules and strategy tips regarding online casino games.

Gamblers Lodge features a ton of online casino information. These include promotions, online casino ratings and reviews, deposit methods, industry news, and warnings about specific casinos, i.e., those that you definitely want to stay away from. Another interesting thing about Gamblers Lodge is its promise of helping online players win more money! Anything that has to do with wins and winning is alright in anyone’s book. It does this via its reviews and the results of the tests it carried out with regards to game fairness and standards of each online casino included in its list. Gamblers Lodge also has its very own Gamblers Lodge Retreat, a free online gambling forum designed to take on any query, report malpractices, and all, while giving online players the opportunity to find excellent promotions – sort of like a shelter for Internet gamblers.

And lest I forget, do not become another sad statistic and fall victim to addiction! Enjoy yourself. Keep it clean. And keep online gambling a game! It’s all about having fun! And I kid you not!


Anonymous said...

This is a very useful blog. I'm quite interested in gambling, and due to the limited number of casinos near to where I live, I have taken to online casino gambling. However, I'm very wary about some of the websites, and reading this blog has helped me a lot in understanding how I can find out which casino is the best.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Much thanks for the kind words about my site!

Am glad you like it! And I kid you not!


Betting man said...

I checked out the Gamblers Lodge you reccomended. It is a very useful guide to online Casinos. Thank you. I prefer online casinos because of the
free bets which they offer. Choosing the right casino is very important tho like it says.


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