Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mike Davis aka Iron Man and Yuan Chun Lin Win Korea Pro Pool Tour Championships!

Mike Davis and Yuan Chun Lin are the new champions of the 4th Annual Korea Pro Pool Tour Championships! Both Mike Davis and Yuan Chun Lin played near flawless matches in the semi and finals to win for their first time in Korea. The matches, sponsored by MBC ESPN, Ra Beauty Core Salons, Novotel Doksan, Poison Cues, Predator Cues, Min Tables, Vigma Balls, were aired on Korea’s MBC ESPN sports channel.

Yuan Chun Lin and Mike Davis Graphic

Yuan Chun Lin faced 19 year-old Korean #2 Eun Ji Park and it was apparrent Park was outclassed and outmatched from the beginning as she trailed start to end for a 7-2 loss. Taipei's Chieh Yu Chou also outflanked Japan's Mika Muneta and cruised to a 7-4 win. The final match went with the odds as Yuan Chun LIn kept her streak alive with a 7-4 win for the championship against Chou.

And talk about destiny for a player - Mike Davis. After a forfeit, a bye, and another forfeit, "Iron Man" Davis went undefeated all the way to the semi-finals! And I kid you not! There Mike Davis faced 2007 Runner Up Ricky Zerna of the Philippines and dismantled him with a 8-4 score. On the other side was Filipino pool player Jundal Mazon, who destroyed Japan's Hiroshi Takenaka 8-3.

Yuan Chun Lin and Mike Davis Image

Korea's Eun Ji Park - 3rd Place

In the final match, Mike Davis made an awesome jump shot with follow english for 2 rail position which led to a run out. Then Davis came back the next game after Jundal Mazon pushed to a jump shot. Davis speared in a super high jump shot jumping a ball 2 inches away from the cue ball but also clearing 4 feet away another ball to make the 1-Ball. Then he proceeded to run out. Eventually Davis took a commanding 7-5 lead with Mazon making a small comeback but botched a 2-Ball he was jacked up on and Davis went onto win 8-5.

Mike Davis and Yuan Chun Lin earned $8,000 and $4000, respectively, for their Korea Pro Pool Tour championships. Congratulations Mike and Lin! Mabuhay!

"The Anitokid loves pool championships!"

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