Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Association of Billiard Professionals (ABP): It's All About Billiards and the Pool Players!

Association of Billiard Professionals GraphicThe top three billiard managers in the Pool Capital of the World have joined forces with the Association of Billiard Professionals (ABP)! The stars of Puyat Sports, Negros Billiard Stable, and Bugsy Promotions, i.e., Efren Bata Reyes, Francisco Django Bustamante, Dennis Orcollo, Alex Pagulayan, Lee Vann Corteza, Warren Kiamco, Jundel Mazon, Antonio Lining, Roberto Gomez, and Carlo Biado, are now members of the ABP.

The ABP welcomes the stars of the Pool Capital of the World to help join the ideals and beliefs of the ABP to help change the sport of billiards for generations to come. The ABP is excited and thrilled to have an international representation to help in the initiative to improve the sport of billiards – a sport that we all love - in conjunction with promoters, sponsors, and associations. With a worldwide representation and support, the ABP is an organization of professional pool players that can have a powerful voice in helping changes for the better.

The ABP represents the world’s best billiard players who are uniting for a common goal. Over the years, players have endured many hardships and have found it necessary to try to reach common ground between the promoters of events, international associations, and the professional players. Without a voice, players have not been able to adequately communicate and work with promoters and other industry entities. Promoters and associations likewise have been lacking in instruction and guidance from the pro players.

For those not in the know, some events and associations have not been able to protect players from issues ranging from prize money payments, equipment issues and conditions, and rules/format. As the saying goes, “There is strength in numbers”, and this has led to the formation of the ABP.

The ABP is led by some notable names, e.g., Johnny Archer, Mika Immonen, and Rodney Morris, in a committee of top players unified under a common purpose: To elevate the sport of pocket billiards and to protect and to assist in the well being of every player. The ABP is an association for the players and by the players. The players now have a united voice to help bring resolutions to seemingly never ending issues facing the industry.

The ABP, with your help, can bring about a positive change in a fair and appropriate manner. From standardizing equipment, rules, and creating systems to insure the payment of prize money so the players can get paid and in a timely fashion. The ABP is for unification. The ABP is for change. The ABP is for the sport. The ABP is for the players. And I kid you not!

ABP Board of Directors

• Johnny Archer- Atlanta, GA
• Mika Immonen- Helsinki, Finland
• Rodney Morris- Honolulu, HI
• Shane Van Boening- Sioux Falls, SD
• Thorsten Hohmann- Fulda, Germany
• Mike Davis - Tampa, FL
• Stevie Moore - Columbia, SC
• Oscar Dominguez - Los Angeles, CA
• Shawn Putnam- Atlanta, GA
• Charlie Williams - Orlando, FL
• John Schmidt - Wheeling, WV

Annual membership is $100 to join the ABP. This membership fee is separated into a fund that will be used to pay all the expenses acquired for creating and maintaining a players association. The ABP is a non-profit group where the ABP’s 11 board members are volunteering their time and effort to help change the sport for the better.

"It's all about the sport. It's all about the pool players. The AnitoKid!"

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Invoice Factoring Leads and Equipment Leasing Leads at Vendor Genie!

Vendor Genie GraphicOne of my pool player friends asked me to help him find information on merchant processing leads, invoice factoring leads, and equipment leasing leads. He is particularly interested in business sales leads, with emphasis on exclusive sales leads and real time sales leads. my billiards buddy is going to use the info on such to realize a very good lead network for personal loan leads, personal financing leads, exclusive credit card processing leads, lead generation, and buy sales leads.

My trusted online search tools brought back a ton of results to browse. One site really looked promising and decided to know more about it – Vendor Genie. Vendor Genie highlights itself as a new sales lead network that permits sales people and sales organizations to come up with leads and get paid whether sales close or not. Wow! That is different! But wait! There’s more! Vendor Genie allows firms to also monetize cross-sale opportunities that previously did not make any money. What does this mean? This translates into much-needed profits from marketing efforts that never sell in the first place! How can you beat that? You can’t! And I kid you not!

And oh! Vendor Genie also serves advertisers by offering a one-stop-shop for acquiring sales leads across countless multiple channels via an integrated platform with features that everyone will surely appreciate, e.g., custom quality control services and dedicated account management.

So, for all your merchant processing leads, invoice factoring leads, equipment leasing leads, and more, visit Vendor Genie! Realized endless opportunities via a one platform, one contract site – Vendor Genie!

Rubilen Amit and Jeff de Luna Win Philippine National Games!

Rubilen Amit GraphicCongratulations to world champion Rubilen Amit and Asian Games medalist Jeff De Luna for winning the women's and men's 9-ball gold medals, respectively, in the 2011 Philippine National Games held at the Gaisano Mall, Bacolod City! The 29-year-old Amit, aka Bingkay, beat national teammate Mary Ann Basas (11-7), while De Luna, aka The Bull, clipped Davao’s Delfin Tugado (11-8).

Highlights of Amit’s win include a comfortable lead at 9-2. However, Basas cleaned up the next five racks for a 9-7 count! But the first Filipina world champion was not to be denied as she ran out the final two racks of the tour! Awesome finish for both Bingkay and Mary Ann! Lest I forget, Amit’s other wins include victories over 11-year-old Cheska Centeno (9-4) and Flor Andal (9-5).

Indeed, this championship will serve Amit well as she sets her eyes on competing in the 2011 China 9-Ball Open in Shanghai in June 2011! And I kid you not!

Congratulations, Bingkay, Mary Ann, and Jeff! Mabuhay!

"Go for gold with The AnitoKid!"

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Shelf Corporations and Aged Corporations: Know More at Shelf Corporation World!

Shelf Corporation World GraphicBeing stuck in the house for a number of days now, I decided to browse the Internet computer network to learn more about shelf corporations, shelf corporations for sale, and shelf corporations with credit. After a few seconds of tweaking my online search tools, I managed to get good results on what makes aged corporations popular these days.

My results highlighted sites on aged corporations, e.g., those pertaining to aged corporations for sale, aged shelf corporations, and the cheapest shelf corporations on the market. One website stood out among the pack – Shelf Corporation World.

A quick browse of Shelf Corporation World reveals that it sells aged corporations – companies that already come with a number of years in business. This is a great benefit to buyers because it gives buyers instant credibility and business credit. In comparison to incorporating a new business unit from square one, aged corporations are touted as a much better option for business-minded people like you and me. Moreover, aged corporations offer buyers asset protection and financing opportunities that cannot be found with startups or newly-incorporated businesses.

All in all, I am pleased with what I have learned with regard to shelf corporations, shelf corporations for sale, and shelf corporations with credit, with emphasis on Shelf Corporation World. For those who may want to satisfy their curiosity on the benefits of aged corporations, visit Shelf Corporation World. You’ll be glad you did! And I kid you not!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Efren Bata Reyes: Pool Cues, Cue Case, Chalk, & Accessories!

For billiards enthusiasts and pool players who may have missed it, here is the YouTube video of Filipino pool player Efren Bata Reyes, aka The Magician, in Inside Pool’s What’s in the Case segment.

The world’s number pool player is interviewed by none other than Samm Diep.

Efren’s cue stick, break cue, tips, pool accessories, and more in this awesome YouTube video! And I kid you not!

"Coolness is the name of the game. The AnitoKid!"

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Funny Picture Editing Online and Picture Effects at PicJoke.com!

PicJoke Graphic

Are you looking to do funny photo editing online? Or how about doing picture effects or just having fun with photos? Look now more! My pool player friends, David Banner and Susan Silverio, who are very much into photography, have found the perfect site on the Internet computer network for such – PicJoke.com!

PicJoke ImagePicJoke.com allows anyone, and everyone, to upload their pictures and photographs and integrate a ton of amazing effects in less than a minute! You read that right, friends! Not an hour or a couple of minutes – less than a minute! In fact, PicJoke.com has more than 100 effects in store for everyone! And oh! Pic.Joke.com makes a new photo effect every day! Yes, sir! Every day translates to a new photo effect! And I kid you not!

PicJoke Graphic
So, for friends and buddies who may want to do funny photo editing online, picture effects, or just have plain fun with photos, go to PicJoke.com. Realize awesome and never-been-seen before effects just by uploading at PicJoke.com! Indeed, it is a dream come true for those who want to do such and more! Upload your pictures and photographs now and select your effect! There is absolutely nothing else like PicJoke.com! It is a one-of-a-kind find!

PicJoke Image


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dennis Orcollo is Number One Pool Player: World Pool-Billiard Association Ranking

Dennis Orcollo Graphic

World 8-Ball champion Dennis Orcollo, aka The Robocop, surpassed Antonio Lining, aka Nikoy, in the latest World Pool-Billiard Association ranking. Orcollo garnered an additional 500 points for reaching the quarterfinal round of the 2011 World Ten Ball Championship (WTBC) held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, Philippines. The 2011 WTBC was won by Huidji See of the Netherlands.

Orcollo, who plays for Bugsy Promotions, compiled a total of 1910 points, 100 points ahead of Lining, who got 60 points in the WTBC event. Lining, who plays for the Negros Billiards Stable (NBS) and JSY Sports, dropped to second place in the rankings.

Carlo Biado, another player from Bugsy Promotions, moved up from 98th place to No. 25 after the 27-year-old pool player amassed 640 points for making it to the semifinal round of the 2011 WTBC.

But wait! There's more! Three more Filipino pool players are in the top 10 of the rankings! And I kid you not! They include Lee Vann Corteza (NBS and JSY Sports), double world champion Ronnie Alcano (NBS and JSY Sports), and Francisco Django Bustamante (Puyat Sports). Corteza, aka The Slayer, is No.6 with 1446 points, while Alcano, aka The Volcano, is No. 7 - only three points behind Corteza. Bustamante, the reigning World 9-Ball champion, dropped to No. 8 with 1432 points.

"It's The AnitoKid or nothing!"

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Credit Card Processing Companies? Try Free Merchant Account Advisor!

Free Merchant Account Advisor GraphicA billiards buddy of mine, Jules Elgincolin, is looking for a merchant account service for his business venture. His search results brought him to a number of interesting sites, including those related to credit card processing companies, credit card processing services, and businesses that accept credit cards online. And one particular company stood out – FreeMerchantAccountAdvisor.com.

A quick browse of Free Merchant Account Advisor shows that it was conceptualized and put up to help both individuals and groups searching for merchant account providers by substituting it with an Intelligent Online Interview, which considers a number of factors in making a finalized recommendation. These factors include industry, credit scores, business model and sales cycle used, monthly credit card sales forecast, anticipated average transaction amount, expected chargeback rates, chargeback concerns, TMF listings, etc.

Indeed, a careful scrutiny of the factors above will indeed help make any individual or group make an informed and uniform decision about merchant account providers! With Free Merchant Account Advisor, business owners will be able to select the best merchant account service for their enterprises! And oh! The personalized recommendation that you will receive from the Intelligent Online Interview is for free! Yes! It is free! And I kid you not!

So, for your various needs related to high risk merchant accounts, offshore merchant accounts, business credit card processing, online credit card processing, merchant credit card processing and more, try Free Merchant Account Advisor! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Efren Bata Reyes Wins US Open One Pocket Championship!

Efren Reyes GraphicLink
Efren “Bata” Reyes
, aka The Magician, has won the $10,000-added 12th Annual US Open One Pocket Championship at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada! And I kid you not! WOOOO!

Efren Reyes, who plays for Puyat Sports, captured the prestigious title and the US$8,000 prize by besting a full field of 64 players! And oh! He played UNDEFEATED! The roster included Jose "Amang" Parica, Scott Frost, John Brumback, Cliff Joyner, Brandon Shuff, Danny Harriman, Chris Bartram, and Earl Strickland.

With regard to wins, the much-loved Filipino pool player garnered victories over Ike Runnels 4-1, Marc Vidal 4-3, Jeff Carter 4-0, Brian Butler 4-0, and Corey Deuel 4-3 before his Finals match against Cris Gentile (5-2).

Congratulations, Efren!
Truth be told, you are the greatest!

"It's immortality with The AnitoKid!"

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Credit Repair Services

Free Credit Repair Advisor GraphicA pool player friend of mine who is into credit repair is searching the Internet computer network for credit repair services. My buddy knows by heart and soul the different variables that one must consider in selecting a credit repair service. Armed with this knowledge, he minimized his search results and found FreeCreditRepairAdvisor.org.

From what I could gather, FreeCreditRepairAdvisor.org was conceived, designed, and conceptualized for people searching for credit repair advice, a credit repair company, fast credit repair, credit repair debt consolidation, legal credit repair, best credit repair services, top credit repair companies, etc. FreeCreditRepairAdvisor.org features an Intelligent Online Interview, which considers the different factors in selecting and recommending credit repair services. These include, but are not limited to, current credit scores, number and kind of derogatory credit marks, time since last delinquency, etc.

For friends wanting a wise and informed decision on credit repair services, legal credit repair, top credit repair companies, or fast credit repair, and which one is the best among the rest, try FreeCreditRepairAdvisor.org. It definitely knows how to address your various needs and requirements – without breaking the bank! You definitely have nothing to lose and everything to gain with FreeCreditRepairAdvisor.org! And I kid you not!

Carlo Biado's Run in the World Ten Ball Championship!

Carlo Biado GraphicOur very own, Carlo Biado, lost to Fu Jianbo of China, 5-9, in the LIVE semi-finals match of the 2011 World Ten Ball Championship held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

According to the rising star from Bugsy Promotions (managed by Mr. and Mrs. Perry and Verna Mariano), he was not able to sleep from excitement – and stayed awake the night before the much-anticipated semi-finals match thinking how he should play given the competition and the sheer magnitude of it all.

Biado accepted the fact that he was quite nervous before that semi-finals match – and understandably so! For those not in the know, this is the farthest that the 27-year-old pool player from La Union has realized in a world championship event! But amidst the nervousness and all, Biado summoned strength, might, and will to play his game on the TV table - relinquishing the anonymity that he enjoyed the previous days at the pool tables in the elimination area as he gunned down champion after champion after champion.

LIVE! With all the lights and cameras focused on him for the millions of fans from the world over to see! Truth be told, this is what it is all about! From the moment that the semi-finals started, Biado was no longer one of the rising stars from the Pool Capital of the World! He is now a semi-finalist for one of the sports’ most-coveted titles!

Indeed, fans were silent as Fu stacked 8 racks against Biado’s 1 in their semi-finals match! Fu was ready and all to deliver the final blow at the start of the 10th rack when he scratched off the break! On the brink of defeat, Biado found himself with the gargantuan task of pulling one huge upset! Two choices, i.e., it’s either a come-from-behind victory from his opponent sitting comfortably on the hill or nothing.

In a never-say-die fashion, and to the delight of the Filipino audience and all, Biado strung four straight racks with his Predator cue! From 8-1, the score was now 8-5! Just four more and all is a go! Everyone held their breath! You could literally feel the Filipino crowd wanting Biado to win! 'Twas electrifying! And I kid you not!

However, ‘twas not meant to be. In the 14th rack, the former caddie-turned pool player had an unforced error, i.e., a miscalculated preparation for the 5-ball after the cue ball bump into the 9 and 6. The protagonists then battled it out with safeties – with Fu getting the better of the exchanges and having the 5-ball out in the open. The Chinese pool player sank the 5-ball, but missed a straight-in shot on the green 6! But there was no clear shot on the 6-ball, though. Biado was then forced to make a bank shot, which left the table open again for Fu, who cleaned up table for the win.

Carlo Biado, the never-say-die pool player from Bugsy Promotions, netted the biggest finish and paycheck of his career – a semi-finals showing at the 2011 World Ten Ball Championship and US$15,000. Congratulations on your impressive run, Carlo! Mabuhay!

"The AnitoKid, the smart choice!"

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Aged Corporations for Sale

Wholesale Shelf Corporations GraphicOne of my billiards buddies, James Andrew Molato, is looking for Shelf Corporations, i.e., Shelf Corporations for Sale or Shelf Corporations with Credit. You see, James knows the advantages of utilizing shelf corporations, also known as Aged Corporations, which come with several years in business and give instant credibility, reputation, history, and business credit to the buyer. He has carefully contemplated on the various facets that go into deciding to acquire one or more Aged Corporations for sale or Aged Corporations with Credit and is now raring to go ahead with it.

My pool player friend sent me the link to the website he has chosen to realize his business goals - Wholesale Shelf Corporations. A quick browse at the site reveals that Wholesale Shelf Corporations sell Aged Corporations – with most of such coming from Wyoming or Nevada. And get this, most of the Shelf Corporations being sold by Wholesale Shelf Corporations have a neutral name! Now, that is neat!

Lest I forget, Wholesale Shelf Corporations’ business for Aged Shelf Corporations comes with a lowest price guarantee! Yes, you read right, friends! Wholesale Shelf Corporations will beat any competitor’s price or give you $1,968 worth of extras for free! And you can get those extras even if you do not buy from Wholesale Shelf Corporations! Now, that is one awesome deal! And I kid you not!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

World Ten Ball Championship Finals! Match Schedule of the FInal Four!

Carlo Biado GraphicCarlo Biado - Bugsy Promotions

A Filipino, a Chinese, a Japanese, and a European will battle it out for one of billiards’ most coveted titles, the World Ten Ball Championship, today at the World Trade Center in Pasay City!

The three Asian players who have made it to the Final Four are Carlo Biado of the Philippines, Fu Jianbo of China, and Yukio Akakariyama of Japan. Huidji See of the Netherlands is the lone representative of Europe, which has won the first two stagings of the tournament following wins by Darren Appleton of Great Britain in 2008 and Mika Immonen of Finland in 2009.

The 27-year-old Biado, who plays for Bugsy Promotions, continues to surprise everyone with his superb position play and excellent pocketing skills. Yesterday, he brought the house down on three world champions, i.e., compatriot Ronnie Alcano (Negros Billiards Stable and JSY Sports) in the last 32, Daryl Peach in the last 16, and Dennis Orcollo (Bugsy Promotions) in the quarterfinals.

Biado’s hard work these past few months has helped catapult him to where he is now. He kept himself in shape and logged extra minutes working on his breaks, one of the most important shots in billiards. The Filipino pool player played at least 50 racks, 3x a week, working on his breaks. Moreover, he kept himself in good condition by resting early – knowing that one needs good conditioning for the long stretch in a championship tour.

One of Biado’s memorable matches in the 2011 World Ten Ball Championship was his win over compatriot Orcollo. Orcollo came off an exciting, but exhausting, hill-hill match over Wu Jia Qing, the pool player formerly known as Wu Chia Ching, of China. Against Biado, Orcollo appeared to have lost the energy needed in making the push for the finals.

Orcollo, aka The Robocop, fell behind, 2-8, in the match, and found himself on the brink of elimination against the more energetic Biado. The Robocop tried his darndest best for a come back – but ‘twas not to be! The closest that Asia's Money Game King could get to Biado was four racks at 8-4! And I kid you not! In the 13th rack, Orcollo left an opening for Biado at the end of their exchange of safety shots, which was more than enough for Biado to sink the yellow 1-ball. And when there were only three balls left on the table - scattered and all near the pockets - Orcollo conceded, signalling Biado’s entry into the semi-finals.

All four pool players competing in the semifinals of the 2011 World Ten Ball Championship are assured of at least $15,000. The champion of the World Pool-Billiard Association-sanctioned event will get the lion’s share of $60,000 from the total prize fund of $250,000. The runner-up will get $30,000.

Will the World Ten Ball crown remain in Europe’s possession or will the championship head east and go to Asia for the first time after three stagings? Find out, today, May 15, 2011, in the Pool Capital of the World! Watch it live as the Final Four battle it out for the glory!

Last Day Match Schedule

9:00 AM - 1st Semifinals (taped)
Yukio Akakariyama vs. Huidji See

12:00 PM - 2nd Semifinals (LIVE)
Carlo Biado vs. Fu Jianbo


"It's winning time in the Pool Capital of the World with The AnitoKid!"

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Sleeping Bags and Beddings: Kathmandu Is A One-Stop Shop!

Sleeping Bags GraphicA billiards buddy in Australia asked me to help him search the Internet for sites on Sleeping Bags and beddings for his upcoming trip in the winter of 2012. Always ready to lend a helping hand, I armed my online search tools and quickly found Kathmandu – an online site that would make any hiker, camper, or traveler go goo-goo and ga-ga over the cool Sleeping Bags and beddings it offers.

Kathmandu features countless products and a large inventory that would allow anyone, and everyone, to match their sleeping bags and beddings requirements with their respective travel needs. These include synthetic sleeping bags, which maintain their warmth when wet and dry faster; down sleeping bags, which are lighter yet offer a higher warmth-to-weight ratio and compress into smaller shapes; inflating mats, which highlight an extra layer that provides that much-needed comfort and insulation; etc.

But wait! There’s more! Kathmandu’s sleeping bags also come in different shapes and sizes, e.g., rectangular bags and mummy bags. Truth be told, the shape of one’s sleeping bag makes one huge difference in terms of space and heat requirements!

Kathmandu’s ton of products is a definite plus to travelers wanting to live the dream! Indeed, it is a one-stop shop for Sleeping Bags! No ifs! No buts! With Kathmandu, I am a happy camper! And I kid you not!

Monday, May 9, 2011

World 10-Ball Championship 2011 Live in Manila! Match Schedule Here!

World Ten Ball Championship 2011 GraphicBilliards enthusiasts and pool player friends, the much-awaited 2011 World 10-Ball Championship gets underway tomorrow at the World Trade Center in Pasay City! Pool players from the Philippines will go head-to-head against the world’s top-ranked cue artists for one of the sport’s most-coveted titles. Indeed, it's pool competition at its finest once again in the Pool Capital of the World! And I kid you not!

None other than the world’s number one ranked pool player, Antonio Lining, aka Nikoy, of the Negros Billiards Stable (NBS) and JSY Sports, will lead the charge – together with Asia’s Money Game King Dennis Orcollo of Bugsy Promotions, 9-Ball and 8-Ball World Champion Ronnie Alcano, aka The Volcano, of NBS and JSY Sports, Predator Sweet 16 Champion Lee Van Corteza, aka The Slayer, of NBS and JSY Sports, and World Pool Championship 1st Runner-Up Roberto Gomez, aka Superman, of Bugsy Promotions. The Iceman – Mika Immonen – leads the pack for the international contingent, which also includes the world champions Oliver Ortmann and Ralf Souquet.

Raya Sports GraphicThe 2011 World 10-Ball Championship of the World Pool-Billiard Association will see a total of 128 layers from 44 countries. The $250,000 event features a $60,000 first prize for the champion. It will be played in the main hall of the World Trade Center in the Manila Bay Area in Metro Manila. The site is located close to the SM Mall of Asia, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and various hotels and attractions.

The 2011 World 10-Ball Championship of the World Pool-Billiard Association is managed and organized by Raya Sports and Events, the franchise holder of the WPA World Ten Ball Championship and the Philippine Open Pool Championships.

The best of luck to all! Mabuhay!


- The FINALS -


Star Billiards' LIVE stream link with Audio

"It's championship time with The AnitoKid!"

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Roberto Gomez is WPA-Beijing Open 9-Ball Championship 1st Runner-Up!

Roberto Gomez GraphicCongratulations to Filipino pool player Roberto Gomez, aka Superman, for finishing 1st Runner Up in the 2011 WPA-Beijing Open 9-Ball Championship! Indeed, ‘twas one spectacular hill-hill finals against Chang Jung Lin of Chinese Taipei, who is also a former Guinness 9-Ball champion.

The Superman, who plays for Bugsy Promotions, had his fair share of difficult-to-win matches in the 2011 WPA-Beijing Open 9-Ball Championship. These include impressive wins over Wu Jiaqing of China (11-9) and Fu Che Wei of Chinese Taipei in the semi-finals.

Also, Florentino "Yen" Makabenta, Chairman of the Billiards & Snooker Congress of the Philippines (BSCP), will recommend to the BSCP board that Gomez be given a spot in the main draw of the forthcoming 2011 WPA World Ten Ball Championships.

In the Women’s Division, it was none other than Yu Ram Cha of South Korea who bagged the championship and all! She squashed Chou Chie Yu of Chinese Taipei, 9-6, in the women’s Finals. Indeed, Yu has come a long way since her international debut a few years back! And I kid you not!

Congratulations to all the winners and placers!
See you soon in Manila y’all! Mabuhay!

2011 WPA-Beijing Open 9-Ball Championship

CHAMPION: Jun-Lin Chang - $40,000

1st Runner-Up: Roberto Gomez - $20,000

3-4: Che-Wei Fu and Nick Van Den Berg - $10,000

5-8: Feng-Ban Zhao, Jia Qing Wu,
Ronnie Alcano, and Efren Reyes - $5,500

9-16: $2,000
Jin-Hu Dang, Thorsten Hohmann, Quing-Shun Yang, Stephan Cohen,
David Alcaide, Chris Melling, Yong Dai, and Antonio Lining

17-32: $1,000
Carlo Dalmatin, Mark Gray, Vincent Facquet, Takashi Uraoka,
Hao-Xiang Han, Mika Immonen, Toh Lian Han, Lo Li-Wen,
Cheng-Chieh Liu, Muhammad Bewi Siamanjuntak, Joven Alba,
John Morra, Artem Koshovoj, Yong Hwang,
and Francisco Bustamante.

32-64: $500
Yu-Long Zhang, Charlie Williams, Thomas Engert, Louis Condo,
Karl Boyes, Huidje See, Alok Kumar, Abdulmajed Hussain,
Po-Cheng Kuo, Salaheldeen Al Rimawi, Darren Appleton,
Daryl Peach, Ahmad Taufiq Murni, Nguyne Phuc Long,
Wang Ming, and Dennis Orcollo.


CHAMPION: Yu Ram Cha - $26,000

1st Runner-Up: Chieh-Yu Chou - $13,000

3-4: Siming Chen and Shu-Han Chang - $6,500

5-8: Jasmin Ouschan, Kelly Fisher,
Xiao-Fang Fu, and Sha-Sha Liu - $3,800

9-16: $1,500
Pan Xiao-Ting, Chichiro Kawahara, Miyuki Fuke,
Dou-Dou Zhou, Ga
Young Kim, Allison Fisher,
Han Yu, and Rubilen Amit - $1,500

"Live life with The AnitoKid!"

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