Monday, May 2, 2011

Roberto Gomez is WPA-Beijing Open 9-Ball Championship 1st Runner-Up!

Roberto Gomez GraphicCongratulations to Filipino pool player Roberto Gomez, aka Superman, for finishing 1st Runner Up in the 2011 WPA-Beijing Open 9-Ball Championship! Indeed, ‘twas one spectacular hill-hill finals against Chang Jung Lin of Chinese Taipei, who is also a former Guinness 9-Ball champion.

The Superman, who plays for Bugsy Promotions, had his fair share of difficult-to-win matches in the 2011 WPA-Beijing Open 9-Ball Championship. These include impressive wins over Wu Jiaqing of China (11-9) and Fu Che Wei of Chinese Taipei in the semi-finals.

Also, Florentino "Yen" Makabenta, Chairman of the Billiards & Snooker Congress of the Philippines (BSCP), will recommend to the BSCP board that Gomez be given a spot in the main draw of the forthcoming 2011 WPA World Ten Ball Championships.

In the Women’s Division, it was none other than Yu Ram Cha of South Korea who bagged the championship and all! She squashed Chou Chie Yu of Chinese Taipei, 9-6, in the women’s Finals. Indeed, Yu has come a long way since her international debut a few years back! And I kid you not!

Congratulations to all the winners and placers!
See you soon in Manila y’all! Mabuhay!

2011 WPA-Beijing Open 9-Ball Championship

CHAMPION: Jun-Lin Chang - $40,000

1st Runner-Up: Roberto Gomez - $20,000

3-4: Che-Wei Fu and Nick Van Den Berg - $10,000

5-8: Feng-Ban Zhao, Jia Qing Wu,
Ronnie Alcano, and Efren Reyes - $5,500

9-16: $2,000
Jin-Hu Dang, Thorsten Hohmann, Quing-Shun Yang, Stephan Cohen,
David Alcaide, Chris Melling, Yong Dai, and Antonio Lining

17-32: $1,000
Carlo Dalmatin, Mark Gray, Vincent Facquet, Takashi Uraoka,
Hao-Xiang Han, Mika Immonen, Toh Lian Han, Lo Li-Wen,
Cheng-Chieh Liu, Muhammad Bewi Siamanjuntak, Joven Alba,
John Morra, Artem Koshovoj, Yong Hwang,
and Francisco Bustamante.

32-64: $500
Yu-Long Zhang, Charlie Williams, Thomas Engert, Louis Condo,
Karl Boyes, Huidje See, Alok Kumar, Abdulmajed Hussain,
Po-Cheng Kuo, Salaheldeen Al Rimawi, Darren Appleton,
Daryl Peach, Ahmad Taufiq Murni, Nguyne Phuc Long,
Wang Ming, and Dennis Orcollo.


CHAMPION: Yu Ram Cha - $26,000

1st Runner-Up: Chieh-Yu Chou - $13,000

3-4: Siming Chen and Shu-Han Chang - $6,500

5-8: Jasmin Ouschan, Kelly Fisher,
Xiao-Fang Fu, and Sha-Sha Liu - $3,800

9-16: $1,500
Pan Xiao-Ting, Chichiro Kawahara, Miyuki Fuke,
Dou-Dou Zhou, Ga
Young Kim, Allison Fisher,
Han Yu, and Rubilen Amit - $1,500

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