Friday, April 15, 2011

Mobile App from Nokia and Ovi: It's the AnitoKid App!

AnitoKid Mobile App Graphic

Billiards enthusiasts and pool player friends, guess what?!!! The AnitoKid on Billiards and Philippine Sports blog is now a mobile app! Yes, you read right, friends! Everyone’s fave - The AnitoKid on Billiards and Philippine Sports - is now a mobile app for your Nokia phones! And I kid you not!

No less than Nokia and Ovi were impressed by the blog posts found in the sports site and its avid followers from the world over! And look where that got us, Ma! Nokia and Ovi have developed the site into one cool mobile application for the Nokia Ovi Store! That is coolness in my book! Or in anyone’s book mind you! Uber-awesome! IMMORTALITY!

Our millions - and millions - of followers will definitely compliment the millions of Nokia users in over 150 countries, including the Pool Capital of the World. Nokia users could download the AnitoKid app from the Ovi Store – direct! And for FREE! Yes, I have decided to make it a free download for anyone, and everyone, as a way of saying “THANK YOU!” to our countless loyal subscribers, readers, and friends from the four corners of the earth! Indeed, our readers rule!

Stay in touch, be in the know, and keep up to date with the latest on billiards and Philippine sports via the AnitoKid app from Nokia and Ovi! It’s FAST! It’s FREE! And there is absolutely nothing else like it!


  • Many thanks to Nokia, Ovi, and Nokia Ovi Specialist Mike Pamintuan for the trust and confidence you have shown me and the sports blog. And lest I forget, much thanks to my subscribers, readers, and friends! Thank you all for believing! Mabuhay!

  • To the sport that I love - which has loved me back and more - here's looking forward to more exciting times!

  • To my family, this one's for you! I love you...

  • The AnitoKid on Billiards and Philippine Sports: A blog. A mobile app. An action figure – soon! (Just kiddin’ with the last item! :) )

"Connecting people. Shattering boundaries. The AnitoKid!"

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