Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Runout TV!

AnitoKid's It's a Runout TV!

It's A Runout TV Graphic

*Efren Reyes at the Derby City Classic
*Efren Reyes vs. Austin Murphy
*Reyes & Murphy Interviews
*Efren Bata Reyes on Deal or No Deal
*Efren Reyes vs. Earl Strickland

*Mike Sigel vs. Efren Reyes in Japan
*Efren Reyes vs. Amang Parica
*Reyes vs. Takahashi
*Efren Reyes at Southridge
*Just How Great is Efren Reyes

*Wheel of Fortune
*Greatest Shot Ever
*World Team Billiards
*Reyes vs. Rempe

*The Controversial Rack at WPC
*Highlights of the 2007 World Pool Championship
*Bustamante & Pagulayan
*Django vs. Bata

*Jose Amang Parica

*Gold Crown V
*How Billiard Cues are Made
*Origin of Pool and Billiards
*Pool Cue Tips
*How Billiard Tables are Made

*Cool Pool Table
*Glass Top Table

*Mosconi Cup Controversy
*Tony Drago Wins Predator 10-Ball
*Shawn Putnam
*Tom Rossman
*John Schmidt

*Johnny Archer
*Jeremy Jones
*Earl Strickland
*Nick Van Den Verg

*Shanelle Loraine at Super Billiards Expo
*Shanelle Loraine & Yu Ram Cha
*Shanelle Loraine
*Samm Diep's Sexy Video
*Kelly Fisher

*Michaela Tabb

*Trick Shots - 2
*Trick Shots - 3
*Trick Shots - 4
*Trucos de Billar



*Manny Pacquiao Billiards
*Manny Pacquiao Training

*Mike Tyson Funniest Moments
*Iron Mike Tyson Documentary
*Mike Tyson Knockout Collection
*Mike Tyson Quotations

*Top 10 Boxing KOs

Lighter Side of Life

*Boys Will Be Boys
*Clubbing Scene in Taiwan
*Filipino Jailbirds on YouTube
*How To Survive a Zombie Attack
*Star Wars Trumpet Video

*Teaching English
*Post Secret

Still Pictures

*Predator Pro Pool School
*Efren Reyes vs. Scott Frost

*Manny Villar Cup - 1
*Manny Villar Cup -2
*Manny Villar Cup -3
*Trillanes-Lim Takeover


It's always a runout with The AnitoKid at The Runout TV!

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Husen KAR said...

thanks for this video

THE ANiTOKiD said...

You're welcome!


It's always a runout at The Runout TV!