Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Daryl Peach & Lesley Wedding! Congratulations!

Daryl Peach-Lesley Wedding ImageCongratulations to 2007 World Pool Champion Daryl Peach, aka The Dazzler, who recently tied the knot with his very beautiful bride, Lesley, in Blackpool, Lancashire, England!

Daryl Peach-Lesley Wedding Graphic
Daryl Peach with his baby daughter, Ellie

I received the pictures direct from Daryl Peach last night, friends! And I kid you not! The 2007 World Pool Champion is on the road again – this time for the World 8-ball next week. Daryl Peach is also scheduled to go to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the World Masters and the Predator 10-ball. And lest I forget, here is a personal message from The Dazzler for all his fans in the Philippines!

“I really enjoyed my last trip there! The people are awesome and great pool fans! In fact, I can’t wait to come back over!” - Daryl

Daryl Peach-Lesley Graphic

The newlyweds, Daryl and Lesley,
with Daryl's parents, Robert and Betty

Congratulations and best wishes Daryl and Lesley!
You make a lovely couple!


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