Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Predator Blak Case: Coolness All Over!

The Predator Blak Case! Remember my post on the Predator Air Case - (link here)? Guess what, pool players and fans! The Predator Air Case in now a reality! Christened the Predator Blak case, the 2nd generation Predator pool cue case is crafted in either sumptuous black leather or sleek black vinyl!

Predator Air Case Graphic

From what I could initially gather from Predator’s official website, the 2x4 Predator Blak case is accented with stainless
steel and comes with a specially-designed large side pocket with molded compartments for the Predator Air jump cue! The 6.35 lbs (2.88 kilos) Predator Blak pool cue case also features a centered strap and a non-slip shoulder-pad designed with carrying comfort and flexibility in mind. And oh! Complimenting the stainless steel accents are Predator Cat design elements that featured on the outside front, inside top cover, and bottom of the Predator Blak case! Now, that is one one beautiful pool cue case!

I have said it before, and I will say it again – The Predator Blak case is just oozing with coolness! I want one! And I kid you not!

According to Predator's International Sales Manager - Jessica Wise - Predator will debut more cases in 2008, including the 3X6! Now, that's very good news friends!

"The AnitoKid loves beautiful cue cases!"

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Anonymous said...

The case looks nice. I like that the cat is not so visible in bright yellow.


Anonymous said...

This is a beatiful case and i am surely going to get this one.
it is already available on

However the case will be in stock on 30/05/2008 but i think order can be placed now as well


Anonymous said...

a shot of the inside would be nice, tubes or cloth?

Is that pull tab thing at the top a small pocket or not?

The pockets at the bottom look cool, but having the jump butt on top or underneath your other stuff where it would rub against it is not cool.

And how much do they go for?


Anonymous said...

very nice case... but i think they should have a 3x5 or 3x6 case.. but this one is way more nicer than the first one


Anonymous said...

Looks very nice, too bad they don't make it in a (3x6) if they did I would get one for sure...



Anonymous said...

it does look gorgeous.

i'm definitely gonna buy one in the future.


Anonymous said...

$275 for vinyl is high, $395 for leather. I don't like it that much. For $400, I would rather have a Justis or Murnak case.


Anonymous said...

to each his own i guess, but I'm not sure why someone with Murnak/Justis money would spend it on a chinese mass manufactured product


Anonymous said...

Hi I'm the international sales manager for Predator....and we will have many more cases this year, including the 3X6!!

THE ANiTOKiD said...


Wow! That's very good news, Jessica!

And I kid you not!


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