Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Online Poker Education at PokerStrategy!

Poker Graphic

I was browsing the Internet about online poker sites when I came upon PokerStrategy, which touts itself as the world’s biggest poker school. A quick look reveals PokerStrategy as an online site offering free poker education! Users get $50 as starting capital plus an additional $100 bonus to start their poker careers. Imagine that! Users do not have to deposit their own money to learn how to play poker! And get this, PokerStrategy’s offer is absolutely free and without any obligation. You read right – free and without any obligation!

Another interesting feature of PokerStrategy is this: The online poker site offers a comprehensive learning material geared towards learning the tricks of the trade step by step. The learning material is based on mathematically-strategic and psychological principles that make it feasible to gamble profitably in the long-run! In addition to the poker strategy articles, spreadsheets and charts featured at PokerStrategy, users can watch and learn from professional poker players during live plays with live coachings! Moreover, the online poker site has a ton of informative coaching videos from poker professionals! Talk about one neat online poker site!

Wait, there’s more! PokerStrategy also integrated another interesting feature that promises to liven things up a bit – an online forum for discussion amongst thousands of other poker enthusiasts from around the world! The forum is designed with poker players in mind! It allows anyone to find poker players in their respective areas for a home game, chat about big poker tournaments, or perhaps rant away on topics of interest! Guess what? I just signed up with PokerStrategy’s forum! And I kid you not!


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