Sunday, April 26, 2009

Edwin Reyes: Pictures from the Wake

Edwin Reyes GraphicEdwin Reyes aka Bandido was laid to rest at the Loyola Memorial Park on April 22, 2009.

Here is a copy of another post made by Martin Misa, aka Sputnik, one of the close friends of the Philippines’ great cuemaker. The post was first published in AZBilliards.

We laid Edwin's remains to rest yesterday after Edwin's Italian parish priest celebrated Mass for him. It was a simple ceremony which went according to the family's wishes and capacity. Edwin's mom whispered to me that it would not have been almost unceremoniously with Edwin around because he was so reliable in fixing things during family crises.

The simplicity of his funeral said many things and the simple act of paying respects to Edwin was the only thing that mattered. The first heralded player to pay respects on the first day of his wake was Dennis Ocrullo who was very moved. Warren Kiamko followed. Gomez, Alex, Django, Lining, Gabica, Valle, Biado were some of the many other players who came. Revo David came and left obviously shaken. Verna Mariano spent a lot of time there. Perry himself was shaken because it was him and Edwin who were together most often but he never missed a day in the wake. I know that Perry has plans in helping out Edwin's family within his own capacity of being a friend to Edwin. Ish Caparras, who worked closely with Edwin in organizing tournaments, also went daily. Bong Ilagan came and he still had a hangover from the two-hour talk he had with Edwin the day before Edwin was executed. Most of thoe who worked under Edwin's cue-making employ also came. Even his cue competitors came. The EPT guys were there too. Others phoned in their condolences amidst bad weather. Senator Villiar sent in the lone beautiful wreath. The skies in the three summer days of Edwin's wake cried the first hardest rainfall of the year. Today, I sit here typing with bright clear skies.

In the Mass and burial were three people who made Edwin smile. One was a humble junkshop owner whom Edwin recently gave a helping hand and I was there to witness it. Edwin said that it was meant to give this guy a big break in business. They became friends because he was a source of recycled material Edwin used for his machines. Edwin invented a CNC woodcarving machine out of junk and he was in the process of making another one for his merger with Lindsey. This guy represented Edwin's life outside of pool.

The other was Lando Vicente. Lando works for Puyat Sports and Edwin shared the same service of caring for the players. In the background of the heavy rains, I could hear Lando almost frantically call other players for their last chance to go see Edwin off. Edwin once told me that he always coincidentally saw Lando even in the provinces and they always shared a lot of San Migs and long conversations.

The third was Chris "PoolAdict" form Norway who represented Edwin's friends across the oceans. Chris was almost mute in going through the whole thing. His eyes saw and his mind understood.

When I got back to this forum, I had to dig into pages as Edwin's threads seem to have been buried with him. Yes, media coverage of Edwin's death has been underplayed and hidden in the back pages of two newspapers. Very recently, even Makabenta's fart came out in the many newspapers. I do not see nor am I suggesting that there is a conspiracy, but the silence is indeed deafening. Very noticeable was the absence of some top movers in Philippine pool, pro or con Edwin. Some of those whom Edwin worked with and those whom Edwin disagreed with failed to rise above themselves.

Perhaps Edwin's death is being seen as a huge setback in having to uplift the industry. Has he served his purpose? I am sure Edwin sees everything clearly now with the simplicity of his funeral. He has to accept the picture for him to rest in peace, and I do not doubt his capacity to accept and forgive.


Why did this had to happen during our time? This was the question that I could not answer. Till a few moments ago.

Firstly, the question and its answer wasn't for me. Nor for you. Nor for anyone else for that matter. The question and answer was for Edwin himself. Now, my kababayan knows.

And the answer to the question enlightened me. You. Us. Everyone. Yes, I am still saddened with our loss. But I do not grieve anymore.


Much thanks for the smiles. Many thanks for the kuwentos. Thank you for accommodating my concerns. Thank you very much for always having me.

Maraming salamat for letting me know the answer to the question.

Maraming, maraming, maraming, maraming salamat po, kabayan Edwin!

For being the light. Our light when you were still with us. And for continuing to be so - even after your death.

Rest in peace kapatid namin sa bilyar...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Edwin Reyes aka Bandido Lives On!

Edwin Bandido Reyes GraphicFriends, I am reposting a post made by one of Edwin Reyes’ friends – Martin Misa aka Sputnik. The post was first published at bilyar.NET and AZBilliards.

Edwin Reyes Lives On!
by Sputnik, aka Martin Misa

Edwin passed away when I was on my way to the hospital just a few minutes after he was shot twice (.45 cal) by a DHL impostor. He did not get to complete the "s" in his signature when he was shot. On his lap was his baby girl. Inside the package was a broken cheap pool cue. When I was told that he passed away, I just had to stop by somewhere and collect myself. Edwin was a dear friend.

Edwin had his eccentricities. Like any artist, he had his flaws. Many times he was just a bit too domineering but it was only because of his passion. This kind of passion was the one that had brought him to the blue book of cue-makers in the world. But isolating Edwin from his "position" here at home and internationally, Edwin had a good heart and he had integrity. He fought for fairness and not for greed. Edwin had integrity and he had no enemies outside of pool.

My first thought in the car was of Edwin's family. His eldest, Didoy, is 8 and his youngest has probably forgotten the face of the assassin by now. There are two in between. Nilda is lost in her shock. It has been a year when I arranged for the funeral of Edwin's dad. Today I arranged his.

Edwin had just come from Davao to relocate his family back to Manila. He was bent to re-focus and concentrate on his cue artistry. He was to fully join forces with Linds in cue production. After the new BSCP meeting yesterday, Edwin and I had a very long conversation. He concluded that he had done enough for Philippine pool and it was time to fend for himself. It is a fact that Edwin did not earn any money in any of his roles with BMPAP. He threw in his full time and attention to it.

Over Holy Week, he chose to drive his family from Davao to Manila, taking his time to enjoy all the stop-overs and scenery. It was his one full week of savoring his family. He chose an apartment in Project 4 because of its proximity to a school for his gifted Didoy. He moved in two days ago.

Edwin was a wise and intelligent man. Many times we would concede to each other's reflections. Today, it was just too late for me to make him concede to his error of accepting a package from DHL when nobody knew his address yet. It was a simple slip, my friend, but if you think about it, when someone wants to have you killed in Manila, many times, no amount of alertness can protect you. Error excused. Edwin was monitored sophisticated. He himself told me that his cell phone was bugged because it was acting strangely. I was warning Edwin to take the text message threats to him more seriously but he just laughed at them. He said it would be too easy to kill him because he was too much of a sucker to playing pool and he was not about to cut down on his playing. It was Edwin's time and he had to go. Shooting Edwin in the heart was very appropriately done because it was his heart that led him through life.

To the one who had Edwin killed, I know that you are reading this. The DHL delivery of a rotten cue stick was not a message to Edwin because he never got to see it. You have made your point to the group. I am grieving for the loss of a good friend, and the country had just lost a billiard hero who fought for a cause. Just please let it end with Edwin's demise.

Edwin, tol, I will always remember you as what you truly are. Our 2002 pact still stays - "if it is good for the players, then it is good for pool."

Edwin Bandido Reyes ImageIn photo: Edwin Reyes and Martin Misa

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Edwin Reyes aka Bandido Shot Dead!

Edwin Reyes aka Bandido Shot Dead GraphicFriends, today is a sad day. Edwin Reyes, aka Bandido was shot dead at his home today.

That is all I know for now. Condolences to Edwin’s family.

The billiards industry lost a good man today.

Monday, April 13, 2009

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rodolfo Luat & His New Pat Diveney Pool Cue!

Rodolfo Luat GraphicBilliards buddies and pool players, here is a slideshow of Rodolfo Luat, aka Boy Samson, playing with his new Ebony-Ivory pool cue made by custom cuemaker Pat Diveney of Iowa.

The pictures were taken in March 2009 at the AMF-Puyat Superbowl, Makati Cinema Square, Makati City.

Truth be told, Rodolfo Luat requested that I be the first to try out his new cue. I initially declined. Who wouldn’t, right? After all, that is a new cue! And a very beautiful one at that! But In the end, I “gave in” to Boy’s request.

@Boy Samson: Much thanks for giving me the honor, bro! Will never forget it! And I kid you not!

"The AnitoKid loves ebony-ivory pool cues!"

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Women's World 10-Ball Championship 2009: The Qualifiers!

Women’s World 10-Ball Championship GraphicBilliards buddies and pool plyaers, guess what! Dragon Promotions will be having international qualifying tournaments for the 2009 Women’s World 10-Ball Championship on May 2, May 3, and May 11, 2009. Fast Break Billiards in Orlando, Corner Pocket Billiards of Orlando, and CESPA Ageo in Saitama, Japan will host the early qualifiers. May 31-June 1 will be the final three qualifiers held in the Philippines but still open at all players.

The winner of each qualifier will receive free entry and a shot at $20,000 1st Place and chance to be the World 10-Ball Champion. The event is being hailed as bigger than any other women's sporting event of 2009 in the Philippines, and one of the biggest in Southeast Asia. By far it will be the greatest women's billiards event ever in the Philippines. Broadcast television giant ABS-CBN will air the Women's World 10-Ball Championship June 2-6, 2009 with an unprecedented 25 hours live coverage as well as delayed taping of other feature matches.

Shanelle Loraine Image"We're really honored to be one of the selected sites to host one of the two USA qualifiers for the World Championship. It's great to be a part of this humongous event and to be able to send a hard working women's player over to Asia. Even in Orlando, and all around Florida, there are so many talented women players. It would be thrilling to see one of our local girls get a shot at the World Title!" said Kelli Lepak, Co-Owner of Fast Break Billiards in Orlando along with her husband Ted Lepak.

"I'm really excited about trying to qualify for this huge event. I'm part Filipino, so it will be a big honor for me to go represent Guam and Philippines both." said Shanelle Loraine, one of the rising pro-am stars of the game.

If an American girl wins a qualifier, the hometown crowd will be able to sweat it from stateside as it will be broadcasted on ABS-CBN International channels spanning the USA in strong territories such as New York, Illinois, California, Florida, New Jersey, and 30 other states. Additional coverage also in Canada, Puerto Rico, and Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, and many more. Fifteen countries on three continents will be airing the matches. Just in the Philippines alone, ABS-CBN has a reach of over 50 million viewers which represents about 70% of the households in the Philippines.

"We have no doubts that many of these women will experience fame and celebrity status and treatment during their stay in the Philippines. Billiards is one of the top three sports over there, and by far the most common one to play. The general public really follow the sport", explains Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions.

Corner Pocket Billiards in Orlando will host their qualifier on May 2, while Fast Break Billiards in Orlando will host their qualifier on May 3. Asia's qualifier will be held in Japan on May 11 at CESPA Ageo. The final three qualifiers will be held in Manila, Philippines on May 31- June 1 and location is to be announced. The winners will join the forty-eight women global field who will fly to Manila to vie for the chance to become the Women's World 1
0-Ball Champion. Countries such as USA, Korea, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Germany, Austria, China, and Canada will be among the participating nations sending their best female billiard players. The event is officially recognized by The World Pool - Billiard Association.

Some of the ladies entering the qualifiers include former WPBA player Angel Paglia of Arizona, amateur star Shanelle Loraine of Guam, and local Florida favorite Jeannie Seaver.

Players that win a spot will need a passport to enter Philippines, but certain countries such as USA citizens do not need a visa. Passports can be issued and delivered in 2 weeks time. Please check with local post office or passport agency.

Women’s World 10-Ball Championship 2009 GraphicFormer WPBA pro Angel Paglia
one of the top favorites at the qualifier

"Billiards, the sport of the Philippines.
The sport of the people."

Entry fee $60 .Double elimination format Race to 7 10-ball . Losers side race to 5 or kept at 7 depending on player field and time constraints. Check for payment must accompany contact information: phone number and e-mail address/home address. Make checks or money orders payable to Dragon Promotions and mail entries to:

Dragon Promotions
2516 Waukegan Road Unit #144
Glenview, IL 60025

Main Event Purse - 48 Women Field

1st $20,000
2nd $9,000
3-4th $5000
5-8th $3000
9-16th $1500
17-24th $1000
4th Place in group (x 8) $250
5th and 6th Place in group (x8) $125

The complete format will be available soon with updates on Players, sponsors, and fans can request more info at

"You are not dreaming! It's real! It's The AnitoKid!"

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

bilyar.NET Challenge Cup April 2009: Glenn Capacio vs. Mike Pamintuan!

bilyar.NET 9-Ball Competition Graphic
April 4, 2009 marked another successful bilyar.NET Challenge Cup event at the AMF-Puyat Superbowl, Makati Cinema Square, Makati City! Some of the metro’s bests came with their cues in tow to take part in the exciting 9-ball competition. These include bilyaristas from Quezon City, Manila, Makati City, Pasay City, and from as far as Bulacan, Cavite, and Antipolo! Lest I forget, Colin Colenso from Australia flew in town the night before, and participated in the monthly tour before he could unpack all of his things and all! And I kid you not!

The finals between Mike Pamintuan and Glenn Capacio could only be described as exciting! The hill-hill match saw both players come up with superb pocketing, excellent position plays, and well-thought safeties! The audience stayed glued to their seats as both men tried their very best to take home the coveted trophy and cash prize!

Mike Pamintuan won the April 2009 bilyar.NET Challenge Cup with a 5-4 score! And no less than Filipino Invasion Rodolfo “Boy Samson” Luat gave out the prizes to the champion and 1st runner up!

The event was also graced by Coach Edgard “Boyet” Asonto, Rubilen Amit, and Mary Ann Basas. Amit and Basas played practice matches with pool’s newest sensation, 11-year-old Gillian, aka PredatorBlak. Gillian, who arrived with her parents, Carlos and Belen, more than welcomed the strategies, tips, and tricks given to her by my friends. Happy? No! Gillian was delighted as she played against her idols! Believe you me, with the right guidance and unwavering parental support, this 11-year-old will become a household name in the world of billiards someday! And you can quote me on that!

Congratulations to the winners and placers! Much thanks to all who came, participated, and made the event a success! KAPATIRAN! Mabuhay ang bilyar! Mabuhay ang manlalarong bilyarista!

"You are not dreaming! It's real! It's The AnitoKid!"

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