Friday, June 13, 2008

Women of Billiards: Pool Player Shanelle Loraine!

Pool Player Shanelle Loraine Graphic
With the upsurge in popularity of female pool players, I decided to make a regular posts on the women of our favorite sport - billiards. And without further ado, here are some pictures of the beautiful Shanelle Loraine, who is managed by Dragon Promotions and Predator CuesPoison Billiards line.

Pool Player Shanelle Loraine Image
Shanelle Loraine
is one of the bright new faces of the pool world, bringing her glamorous beauty and passion for the game of billiards to audiences worldwide. Shanelle is an up and coming pool player who's on a journey to become world class. She is currently sponsored by Poison Billiards, the most sophisticated pool cue at its price range, benefiting from Predator engineering and designed for pool players just getting into the game.

Billiards Player Shanelle Loraine Graphic
Shanelle Loraine started playing pool in 2000, and played on the University of Central Florida pool team for four years. Shanelle hails from Guam and trains in Orlando, Florida. She is currently coached by Charlie Williams and Wayne Catledge.

Billiards Player Shanelle Loraine Image

The popular pool player also has had the personal assistance and insight in 3-cushion by World Champion Semih Sayginer. Moreover, Shanelle Loraine has trickshot coaching from World Trickshot Champion Mike Massey!

Shanelle Loraine Graphic

Born: March 25, Misawa, Japan
Hometown: Guam, USA
Current residence: Orlando, Florida
Height: 5’2”
Hair Color: Brown
Eye color: Light brown

Shanelle Loraine Image

Hobbies and pastimes include pool, volleyball, running,
sleeping on the beach, arranging flowers,
and eating chocolates and great food.

Pool Player Shanelle Loraine Graphic

Pool cues: 20 oz Poison Arsenic Pool Cue (AR6)
with Z-shaft
Break cue: Poison VX2.9

Pool Player Shanelle Loraine Image
Favorite pool halls
Fastbreak Billiards in Longwood, Florida
Jimmy’s Billiards
in Orlando, Florida

Shanelle Loraine Graphic
Shanelle Loraine is available for exhibitions and personal instructions for small groups or clinics. Shanelle has appeared in several live and filmed televised events and TV shows and would provide great entertainment for any function! For details, please contact or Dragon Promotions.

Pool Player Shanelle Loraine Image
And oh! Shanelle Loraine has own website!

Click here, friends

Pool Player Shanelle Loraine Graphic

"The AnitoKid loves Poison Cues!"

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pogs said...

Shanelle Loraine is available for exhibitions? Wow!

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