Sunday, June 22, 2008

Life Lock & the LifeLock RD17 Promo Code!

LifeLock GraphicMy blog posts and articles on and the LifeLock promo code have generated a ton of interests from both billiards friends and pool fans from around the world! And I kid you not! I have also received some emails for more info about Life Lock, including the LifeLock promo code RD17 for America’s number one identity theft protection service.

With the LifeLock promo code RD17, one can realize a discount when purchasing an annual membership to LifeLock. Anyone and everyone is entitled to receive the first 30 days free when they sign up using the RD17 LifeLock promo code. Yes, that a 30-day free bonus, friends! One will also save an additional $11 from the annual subscription price of LifeLock. And if one decided to pay by installment, he or she will receive a 10% off from the subscription cost by utilizing the RD17 promo code!

Once signed up with LifeLock, a subscriber will realize a ton of benefits, including reduced junk mails, free credit report requests, and minimized unsolicited credit card offers. And yes, a subscriber will immediately be included in LifeLock’s $1 million Total Service Guarantee! Identity theft protection has never looked this good, everyone!


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