Thursday, June 19, 2008

LifeLock and the LifeLock Promotion Code: Identity Theft Protection At It's Best!

I was just about to go to bed when I received a phone call from Jonathan Paguio. If you remember, Jonathan Paguio made a request for more info about LifeLock and the LifeLock promotion code RD32, with emphasis on how to get discounts when availing of LifeLock’s identity theft protection service.

Jonathan was very ecstatic with the post I did, including my past articles about, the LifeLock promotion code, the LifeLock reviews, and more. I can’t blame my billiards buddy and all! After all, obtaining a considerable discount from America’s number one identity theft protection service is just plain awesome! Imagine, a ton of savings to be realized just by using the promotion code!

And my billiards buddy did not forget that the promo code will automatically be tagged to his enrollment application! He also contemplated on enrolling via the telephone because one can actually contact and speak with a LifeLock representative and mention the LifeLock promotion code to lock in the service at the discounted rate!

My good guess is that countless people will soon sign up with LifeLock’s identity theft protection service because, truth be told, protecting one’s identity has never been this easy! And with promotion code RD32, it has never been this affordable! Lest I forget, LifeLock will protect one’s identity and personal information, even with the discount via the RD32 promotion code, for up to $1 million big bucks! And I kid you not!


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