Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Ces Drilon, Jimmy Encarnacion, & Angelo Valderama Kidnapping!

Ces Drillon GraphicI’ve been reading and following the news about developments concerning ABS-CBN reporter Ces Drilon and her cameramen Jimmy Encarnacion and Angelo Valderama. And I kid you not! The journalists were kidnapped by members of the Abu Sayyaf group that has been blamed for the worst terrorist attacks in the Philippines.

ABS-CBN News will reputedly abide by its policy not to pay ransom because this would embolden kidnap for ransom groups to abduct other journalists, putting more lives at risk.

At this point in time, only ABS-CBN assistant cameraman Angelo Valderama has been released. Valderama was released Thursday night in Talipao town in Sulu, and arrived in Indanan town around 9:30 p.m. According to Angelo Valderama, Ces Drilon and Jimmy Encarnacion are healthy and well. Both are heavily under guard by their kidnappers. And according to the statement released by Valderama to the local police, he, Ces Drilon, and Jimmy Encarncion were always kept together by their captors. The captors did not hurt the ABS-CBN news crew.

With regards to ransom, the police is not aware of any ransom being paid for Valderama's release. Indanan town Mayor Alvarez Isnaji, one of the kidnapping case's negotiator, earlier denied newspaper reports that a Php2-million "board and lodging" fee was paid for the assistant cameraman's release. However, Isnaji, who spoke with Sulu Vice-Gov. Hadja Nur Ana "Lady Anne" Sahidullah, said there they paid a Php100,000 board and lodging fee to the kidnappers. The mayor also denied reports that firearms were provided to the kidnappers in exchange of Valderama.

According to other news reports, the young bandits who kidnapped the journalists are identified with the group of Abu Sayyaf sub-commanders Albader Parad and Gapur Jundain, a former commander of the Moro National Liberation Front.

Prayers go out for the safety and freedom of our kababayans Ces Drilon and Jimmy Encarnacion.

"Freedom & safety to Ces and Jimmy. The AnitoKid"

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