Saturday, June 14, 2008

LifeLock Reviews By Consumers: Identity Theft Prevention!

LifeLock GraphicA billiards buddy, Yaschica Ann Isip, saw my post on LifeLock and sent a text message asking for more info. Yashica Ann was particularly intrigued with the number of customers, who have chosen LifeLock to guarantee their good name - more than 700,000!

I did another browse of the LifeLock reviews by consumers and came upon the Life Lock blog, which features a ton of stories on identify thefts and how to prevent such. The stories include a specific global crime ring based in Romania, which successfully stole credit card information, SSN, and other personal identifiable information from Internet users. This crime ring made use of fake emails that appear to be from legitimate banks directing people to fake websites that requested users to input sensitive data into online forms! The story would then have had a different ending if only the victims had LifeLock! Another entry relates to how the LifeLock system worked to protect its CEO, Todd Davis, when a Texan utilized his Social Security number to obtain a $500 cash advance. What happened in the end? The incident didn’t cost Todd Davis a single cent! After all, he was covered by LifeLock’s $1 million guarantee!

Those stories and more are what LifeLock is all about – proactive identity theft protection. And lest I forget, LifeLock is offering discounted pricing on their identity theft protection service via the LifeLock promo codes! And I kid you not! Just visit the Life Lock Promo Code site to avail of the discount code and all the information you need. And with a company that is very willing to back up their claims with a $1 million total service guarantee, I think identity theft will be significantly minimized and all!


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