Friday, June 13, 2008

Anytime Unsecured Personal Loans at Accommodative Financial Solutions!

Remember my post on Accommodative Financial Solutions and its anytime unsecured personal loans? Another billiards buddy, Gerard Sobrevinas, saw it and was particularly interested with it. Accommodative Financial Solutions' Anytime Unsecured Personal Loan is a line of credit that delivers extra money to anyone to spend on anything. Such loans range from $10K to $150K, and all depends on one’s credit worthiness, historical credit scores, current debt to income ratio, etc.

Accommodative Financial Solutions Graphic
With regards to interest rates charged on unsecured personal loans, these range from 6.99 to about 15.99%, and depends on different variables, e.g., income, credit scores, job stability, and knowing who is offering the best rates. A quick browse on some other sites on the Internet reveals that the interest rates of 6.99-15.99% are lower than the 23.5% minimum charges currently averaging on store credit cards. Thus, you can look at it this way: rather than apply for a store credit card, secure a personal unsecured loan or a personal line of credit and save thousands to tens of thousands of dollars over a very short period of time! Of course, everything depends on one’s spending habits.

By using Accommodative Financial Solutions to obtain unsecured personal loans and unsecured personal lines of credit, one is actually utilizing its expertise in finding lenders with some of the lowest interest rates on the market - targeting lenders who will approve one’s loan or credit line application, thus more savings in terms of time. Did you know that Accommodative Financial Solutions has a database with over 140,000 lenders that it constantly researches and monitors? Yes, it does! And with Accommodative Financial Solutions, one can expect low interest rates on unsecured personal loans, low interest rates on personal unsecured line of credit, five minute pre application and no third party submission, 24-48 hour approval window for most approvals, and personal service targeting one’s specific unsecured loan or line of credit needs.

And lest I forget, if one is not approved for unsecured personal loan or unsecured personal credit line, Accommodative Financial Solutions’ assistance and consulting service are 100% free! And I kid you not!


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