Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hard Rock Cafe's 1st Jeff Train's 8-Ball Tournament!

Hard Rock Cafe 8-Ball Tournament GraphicThe Hard Rock Cafe in Glorietta, Makati City, held its 1st Jeff Train's 8-Ball Tournament on May 27, 2008. Sponsored by Absolut Vodka and Coors Light, the 1st Jeff Train's 8-Ball Tournament was organized by my good friend Jesse Gonzales. Jesse Gonzales, who is CEO of DMC Philippines, worked his magic and all and invited some of the Philippines' notable actors and actresses to join the historic tournament!

Hard Rock Cafe 8-Ball Tournament ImagePool players and the motion picture actors and actresses who participated in the the 1st Jeff Train's 8-Ball Tournament received a big surprise even before the billiards tournament got underway! Hard Rock Cafe, Makati prepared a sumptuous dinner buffet for all! Drinks were overflowing as everyone was treated to drink-all-you-can Coors Light beer and Absolut drinks!

Hard Rock Cafe 8-Ball Competition GraphicJesse Gonzales with the main man, Jeff Train

Hard Rock Cafe 8-Ball Competition ImageYup, that's Ace Espinosa, friends!

Hard Rock Cafe 8-Ball GraphicOne of the pillars of the Philippine media industry,
Jesse Gonzales, CEO of DMC Philippines

Hard Rock Cafe 8-Ball Competition GraphicLito "Vice" de Castro with Bembol Roco

Hard Rock Cafe 8-Ball Competition ImageJesse Gonzales, one of the notable figures
in the Philippine billiards scene

Pool players from around the world participated
in the 1st Jeff Train's 8-Ball Tournament!
That's Patrick from good ol' Guam!

Hard Rock Cafe 8-Ball ImageMotion picture and TV actor Bembol Rocco

Hard Rock Cafe 8-Ball GraphicJesse Gonzales with Kaye Gil, actor Dennis Padilla,
World Pool Championship referee Ces Marquez,
and my good buddy, Frank

Generali Pilipinas' Ato de Vera won the championship in Class M
of the 1st Jeff Train's 8-Ball Tournament!

A familiar figure at the Hard Rock Cafe, Makati

The brains behind the Hard Rock Cafe 8-Ball Tournament, Mr. Jeff Train! Battle-scarred and all, Jeff Train has been all over the world. Been there and done that, Jeff Train sure knows how to hold and captivate the crowd with his stories! And when he's on the table, it's all about excitement! No more, no less!

Jeff Train with friends
at Hard Rock Cafe's
1st Jeff Train's 8-Ball Tournament

And the champion of champions was none other than the General Manager of Hard Rock Cafe, Mr. Calison! Mr. Calison won the championship in stunning fashion - with a scintillating win that got the crowd on its feet! And I kid you not! Congratulations, my friend! A well-deserved win, indeed!

And may I take this opportunity to express my personal thanks to Mr. Calison, who showed my children around Hard Rock Cafe and accompanied them at the buffer table while I was playing.
I also noticed the two Hard Rock Cafe staff who patiently waited at the table of my children and took care of their needs and all! Truth be told, I am very observant, particularly with regards to my children - even when I play! With able people like Mr. Calison at the helm running the show and all, it's no wonder why Hard Rock Cafe is a class act! Mr. Calison, thank you very much for the respect you have shown me and my family. I won't forget it, my friend! Maraming, maraming, maraming, maraming salamat, kaibigan! Mabuhay!

"The AnitoKid loves Hard Rock Cafe!"

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iCalvyn said...

this Tournament was great, i wish i was there...

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Indeed, it was!

Maybe next tour stop?


Ato de Vera said...

People say that we will never see another Efren Reyes in our lifetime. I say, "You're wrong! There already is another Efren!"

The person I am referring to may not be Efren Reyes' equal when it comes to being a master at the billiards table. Truth is, nobody is! But this person is definitely Efren's equal, and perhaps more, when it comes to passion for the sport we all love! Believe me, no one comes even close!

I have seen this person's love and passion for billiards. He handles himself very well on the table - shooting for fun with friends, and playing like there is no tomorrow in money matches and tournaments! You will definitely see his true class during tournaments and money games - brilliant!

His sincere desire to alleviate the sport to new levels is second to none! His site has already reached the pinnacle of success in the billiards industry and yet, he remains humble, very humble in his achievements - not letting others know about them. BUT I KNOW!

Who is this person I am referring to? He is none other than the AnitoKid! And I kid you not!

As my friends in MAPPA can attest, and with them as my witnesses, si AnitoKid ang ating pangalawang Efren Bata Reyes! 'Yan ang nasa puso at damdamin ko! Yan ang nasa isip at saloobin namin!

Mabuhay ka AnitoKid!


THE ANiTOKiD said...

I don't know what to say, my friend!

Believe you me, I know not what to say! Wow! Nakakataba ng puso talaga!

Maraming salamat sa tiwala at suporta, kaibigan! Maraming, maraming, maraming, maraming salamat po!


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