Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Get Everyone Talking at SocialSpark!

SocialSpark GraphicGet everyone talking! IZEA, the next-generation social media marketing company, has done it again with SocialSpark! SocialSpark, the world’s first Social Advertising Network, aims to empower bloggers and advertisers to value and exchange content, creativity, and influence online.

SocialSpark allows anyone and everyone opportunities for non-paid and paid postings while promoting community relations and all. Members of SocialSpark can leave props for each offer, a novel way of giving someone a vote of confidence or high rating. And I think that props is one great idea of fostering friendship while realizing the opportunity to earn at the same time.

For those more into monetizing their sites, there are a ton of offers available at SocialSpark! No kidding! The opportunities available are categorized under four classifications, i.e., sponsored posts, blog sponsorships, Spark, and blogs. All information can be readily accessed at the SocialSpark home page, which I must say is well organized. The day’s Featured Post greets everyone logging at SocialSpark, giving he or she the option to take it or look for other popular opportunities. Other sections at the main page include Recent Comments on Opportunities, Marketplace Activity, Opportunity Spotlight, Izea Blog, Featured Blog, Highlighted Post, a list of the week’s most popular blogs, and links to the SocialSpark Community, marketplace, account settings, and help page. Everything is under one roof! Coolness!

Yes, this is a sponsored post. But guess what? I have signed up with SocialSpark! Yes, I did! Do check out my SocialSpark profile here! Though still pending verification, here’s hoping that our friends at SocialSpark will verify my blog soon because I aim to get everyone talking! And I kid you not!


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