Sunday, June 15, 2008

Home Based Business Loans at Accommodative Financial Solutions!

Accommodative Financial Solutions ImageA billiards buddy of mine, Dave Penaflor, saw my posts on Accommodative Financial Solutions and wanted to know more about it, with emphasis on its home based business loans. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for my billiards buddy because he and the Mrs. are planning to take out a loan for a home based business and are currently on the look out for such. And I kid you not!

I browsed Accommodative Financial Solutions’ site for information on home based businesses and found that one could get $25K-$100K in unsecured loan to build a home office! Existing businesses can obtain business working capital loans via Accommodative Financial Solutions, which will find lenders that it has referred out to in the past – those who have proven to be generous with such applications.

What is particularly interesting is Accommodative Financial Solutions’ promise that it will only contact lenders that it believes to have a positive approval on one’s unsecured loan application. Thus, it’s like saving time and money with regards to processing applications and just being turned down in the end!

And what are the other benefits of working with Accommodative Financial Solutions? Take your pick: no application fees, no hidden charges, no collateral needed, no need for home equity, low rates for unsecured personal loans, 30-secoond pre-application, and 24-48 hour approval time frame! And lest I forget, Accommodative Financial Solutions has a 100% approval guarantee or its services are free! Now, that’s putting one’s money where its mouth is!


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