Saturday, June 7, 2008

Clickbooth Affiliate Network: What Makes It Stand Out!

Rommel Songco, one of my billiards buddies and a schoolmate from Marist School saw my post about the Clickbooth Affiliate Network and wanted to know more about it. Rommel Songco was particularly intrigued with Clickbooth’s CPA Network (Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Action), which is touted as a leading form of media buying offering advertisers with the true value of a consumer. He wanted more information on what makes the Clickbooth Affiliate Network stand out from the rest.

As a payment framework, the Clickbooth CPA Network translates to advertisers paying publishers per lead, which is a set action by the advertiser that publishers’ users must complete. These include actions such as inputting email address or zip codes to buying a product. The Clickbooth Affiliate Network ensures one’s campaign is fully optimized by leveraging on the experiences of its team of online marketing industry experts, who are available 24/7! It also uses proprietary technology and the best tools available for campaign maximization that come complete with full technical dedication.

Moreover, the Clickbooth Affiliate Network is not your typical self-serve affiliate network. Network admittance connotes a rigorous approval procedure that includes telephone verification and a number of interviews. Publisher representatives routinely monitor and examine the traffic publishers are driving to campaigns and all, too! In addition, the Clickbooth Affiliate Network’s in-house system makes an objective comparison of offers in multiple splits against each other, consequently pushing top offers to exclusive publishers. All in all, Clickbooth Affiliate Network is one complete marketing solution ensuring that campaign conversions and performances exceed expectations. And lest I forget, it even has its own Clickbooth page, friends!!

To get started with the Clickbooth, just visit the signup page and fill out the signup form to register! A Clickbooth representative will be on hand once one passes the verification process! It’s that simple! And I kid you not!


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