Sunday, June 15, 2008

Home Improvement Loans at Accommodative Financial Solutions!

Two billiards buddies of mine from abroad, Terry and Jill White, wanted to know more about home improvement loan programs. You see, Terry and Jill are planning to renovate their home and are currently searching for home improvement loans that will fit their needs and all. I remembered my blog posts on Accommodative Financial Solutions and browsed the site for such info.

Accommodative Financial Solutions Image

What I saw surprised me! And It was a pleasant surprise, mind you! Accommodative Financial Solutions took the time and effort to explain the many reasons why an unsecured home improvement loan is better than home equity lines of credit! And I kid you not! One reason dwells on the importance of not using one’s home as collateral, which is particularly important for retirement planning. Why so? Just one word for you – foreclosure! After all, when one retires, the earning potential drops – and it drops exponentially year after year after year! Thus, in dire financial scenarios, one can draw against an unsecured personal line of credit without fear of losing their home!

Accommodative Financial Solutions Graphic

Interest rates for unsecured personal loans and lines start as low as 8.99%, which is not much higher than that of home equity lines of credit – and without the headaches! And with Accommodative Financial Solutions, one can expect no application fees, no processing charges, no closing costs, no hidden charges, no collateral, and a 24-48 approval window! And I guess with such reasoning and all, it wouldn’t hurt to call Accommodative Financial Solutions to know more about its unsecured home improvement loans!


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